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How to Choose a Domain Name For Your Business?

Aug 17, 2007
Domain name provides access to information that you own or want to create for the public in the public domain. Therefore, there are a number of consideration in deciding and choosing the right name for your business as follows:-

1)if you are in the business of selling or buying property for and/or on behalf of clients then your domain name should reflect that. An example of a domain name for a business that sells real estate is www.acresofrealestate.com If you rely on the internet for your business, lead generation, promotion or for information then having a name which describes your business and what you do is very important it would seem. But, this is also a very contentious point... There are counter arguments and we shall take a brief look at some shortly.

2)If your offline business is called "Real Estate New York" then your internet business should in theory map that business exactly. Domains names such as:-

A) realestatenewyork.com
B) realestateny.com
C) justrealestatenewyork.com
D) totalrealestateny.com
E) 123realestatenewyork.com

The names listed above (A to E) are all suitable for your business. However, the best practice according to Nathan Anderson; the America's foremost search engine optimization expert, in choosing name for ones domain name is to have the business name in the front. For example, realestateny.com is preferred choice over say the 123realestatenewyork.com name for search engine optimisation stand point.

How do I then register my chosen domain name?

There are a myriad of domain name registration companies all over the world. How do you choose one? Since you are interested in good service, you want to choose a company that specialises in domain registration. You will be able to decipher good companies from that ones that are not so good. This is my experience with domain registration companies:-

" Cost is a major factor when you are registering a lot of domain names particularly when you have 100 or more domain names... I have therefore actively looked for companies that are the cheapest "

Recently, I bought 2 domain names at $2.99 each but the supplier turned out to be very poor at providing service. As a direct result, I went back to my original supplier and paid nearly $10 for each domain. The point of this exercise "cheap turned out to be very expensive".

What if my chosen domain name is already registered?

This is sometimes the case. There are lots of realtors in New York and chances are that someone has already beaten you to it. Under this situation, I will be inclined to use a domain name that matches my business as closely as possible. Realestateny4you is not a bad choice. Arguably, this name is too similar to say another business; a competitor, for all intents and purposes. According to H. Anderson. "it matters less what the name of your chosen domain is the real issue is about promotion of the name ". I agree with this statement whole heartedly because a site regardless of its name does nothing for the business until such time that the site is actually promoted and that is the key to there being any meaning or value in the name.
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Choosing the right name for your domain name is important. But, it is not all the battle. The key is in promoting the domain name and that is where the value lies. For information visit our site at http://www.d4domainnames.com
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