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Participate in Forums to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Nov 26, 2007
Forums offer a unique way to directly reach readers who are interested in your topic. Participating in forums is one way to drive traffic to your website without spending a lot of time or money.

The Purpose of the Forum

The forum is a community made up of like-minded people. A forum can be based on a common interest, a lifestyle choice, a health concern, etc. You can find forums for people interested in weight loss support, stay-at-home dads and supporting our troops, just to name a few.

A forum is a website (or a portion of a larger website) that is broken down into sub topic links. Members of the forum community are encouraged to post in reply to the comments left by others on the given topic.

The idea behind a forum is for people to form a connection and support one another on one issue or several related issues. It's a place for people to ask questions, share their experiences and learn more about the topic.

How I Use Forms to Drive Traffic to My Website:

I join every forum in my niche.
I provide useful replies.
I become an active and supportive member in each forum.
I create a signature file in each forum that contains a link to my website, along with my name.
I introduce myself, answer questions and communicate in the forum.
I present myself as an expert on the topic of the forum.
I pique people's interests in my posts so they want to find out more and click on my link.
I post a link to my website in forums I participate in, even if they are not in my specific niche.

Tips for Getting People to Read beyond Your Posts:

Don't give a sales pitch in your posts.
Let the link in your signature speak for itself.
Present yourself as an expert in the niche.
Give advice when appropriate.
Start conversation topics related to your website.
Provide useful information about the given topic for community members.
Don't spam the forums.
Visit the same forum daily and make regular posts.

How Participating in Forums Drives Traffic to Your Website

The key to bringing traffic to your website is to regularly participate in forums. Placing a hit or miss post on one or more Web site forums without returning to cultivate friendships and gain the trust of the community members will not drive traffic to your website. You must return to the same sites over and over, on a regular basis, in order to achieve results. The trick is to participate in the forums without spelling it out for other community members that it is a way for you to attract customers.

Gain the trust of community members by participating in forums where you can answer questions and add value to the conversations. Simply agreeing with other posters isn't going to do the trick. You'll need to provide information to back up your statements and prove that you know what you're talking about.

I have found great success in driving traffic to my website by carefully using forums as a way to attract people with the same interests.
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