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Small Business And The Saturation Myth

Nov 26, 2007
Competition forces people to bring out the best in themselves because they always have to come up with something better. We probably would not have the internet now, we probably would not have the advances that we have, probably would not have audio online. So competition does bring out the best in people. We use to use another audio company online, that was the first audio company that we used to put audio on a website.

And back then we thought that they were the only ones and they charged us about thirty dollars a month. There were quite a few things that we wanted that they did not offer and one was to record conference calls. Well, one day we just got tired of not being able to do that because we would want to go on and listen to the conference calls of other people and we would want to record it so that we could listen to it over and over again, so we could listen to everything and memorize the information. We do listen to the information over and over again and also read information over and over again, usually two, three or four times. Every time you go over information you will pick up something new that you did not pick up the first time around when you listened to the information or read it.

The thing is we found a better company by doing a search on Google, and guess what, they had not only the features that we wanted but they had more. We were impressed with them, not only that, but they were ten dollars less. So we got our membership with that audio site and canceled the other one and never looked back. That is competition. They made a better product, we chose to use it. They distinguished themselves in that market place, in that niche. Same thing when you are in a program opportunity, a product that you are selling and you are in competition with other people selling the same product, whether it is pay per click, or you are sending out to another person's list, or press releases, articles or any other marketing method that you are using.

Going back to pay per click, all you have to do is set yourself apart, make yours a better ad, change your ad periodically. Change your lead capture page and landing page that your ad goes to. When you are doing pay per click, and you pay for each click, it is not like a classified ad in a magazine or an article in a newspaper where it is just there and you only pay a one time fee, you pay per click. Your competition, other people's ads in the same keywords that you are marketing under, will click on your ad just to see what you are doing. A lot of times you will actually end up signing up your competition, they look and they like your information, they end up signing up with you. These are people that you are competing with under the keywords of other opportunity programs that you are in. But a lot of times you will sign them up.

You have to make yourself different, it is like in the coffee business, each one is different. Computers, cars, they are all different, they are all in the same market place and yet it does not mean that the car market is saturated, it just means that you have to make a different product. Why is yours better, why should I go with you, why should I use your product. If you are among other competition, it is just a myth that there is saturation, if you are among other competition you have to make yourself better, have a better ad, make a better landing page or sales page, something different. Get some new graphics, I am sure you have some graphics and it is not pulling as good a couple of months later, get some new graphics, change your headline, change your landing page around, get some new news.

The internet is made up to give people news or information, the latest information. That is why Google, for instance, or search engines love sites and rank them higher for the frequency of content that is added to the site. The spiders come back to crawl the site more often and you get better ranking to the frequency of the content added to the site. It also gives value to the sites that have other sites linking to them, because it thinks that they are important because a lot of other people are looking at them. This is how the internet works, and that is the reason for updating your site. We are always updating different things that we do with our company, things are always changing. If you were with us from the beginning you would notice that things were changing every couple of weeks or every week depending on the time frame.
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