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Marketing with Ezines - What REALLY Works?

Nov 26, 2007
"New improved ezine marketing method," you've probably seen an ad saying something to that effect at one point or another. Or heard a self proclaimed guru stating "I've found it, I've found the secret to ezine marketing and for $97 you can have it too."

But what really works. Are there tactics out there that you can apply to result in a successful marketing with ezines campaign? Yes! Successful ezine marketing is no other than common sense, hard work and a well written offer. Anything else is just fluff.

Below are some tips to what really works when it come to marketing with ezines:

Ready, Aim, Fire!

Ok, so that was a little dramatic but the point is in order to hit the bull's eye you need to have your eye on the target. No ezine marketing campaign is going to be truly successful if you're not targeting your market. Look for ezines that are relevant to your services or products.

Don't be tempted to go for ezines that off topic just because they have a huge subscriber base. You'll just be wasting time and money, because it won't result in high quality traffic or long term sales.

Do a little snooping

You want to check out the design and content of the ezine before handing over a dime. Read a few past issues and look for the following:

1. Is the format web friendly?

Are there white spaces, small paragraphs and neatly wrapped text? If the ezine is poorly formatted your ad will either get lost in the text or readers will scroll right over it. Either way it's a bad investment.

Readers aren't eagerly waiting to read your ad, it has to reach out and grab them. It won't do this if they find the ezine tiresome to read.

2. How many ads are there in ezine?

You have enough competition on the web the last thing you need to compete with a colony of ads in your selected ezine. If there are too many ads all grouped together chances are the reader will just scroll by your ad.

3. Is there a top sponsor ad? Are the ads spread through out the publication?

If you are truly compelled to advertise in an ezine that runs multiple ads look for a "prime real estate spot" this may be the top of the page or somewhere in the middle of the article.

Yes, this will cost more but it proves to be more successful than being clumped with all the other ads in the classified section.

Too general?

What do you do if you sell a product or service that caters to the general audience? Try general audience, entertainment or humor ezines.

Yes I know I said to hit your target, but in a case like this your target audience will most likely subscribe to these types of ezines. People have personal lives, they love to laugh, catch up on latest gossip and your ad may just appeal to them.

Target a small audience

If you have a small-medium niche your best bet is to look for ezines with a small subscriber base. Why not go for ezines that cater to a vast number of people? An ezine with a small scale subscriber base are more likely to be related to your products and services.

Spend less to make more

Every ad you create should be tested. But you should never spend a fortune to test your ad. Instead of spending a hundred or more dollars to advertise in an ezine with 20,000 subscribers, opt for one that only charges 20 dollar for a smaller reader base.

A hundred dollars is a lot of money to find out that your headline isn't enticing to your readers. Test your ads for a cheap price now so you generate more sales once you fine tune your ad later.

Don't waste your reader's time

If it only takes you three lines to say what you need to say don't use ten. The internet is fast paced. People want the most amount of information in the shortest possible time span.

Keep your ads short, sweet and simple.

While "the next big" marketing trick is soon to come your way, you now know what really works online. Marketing with ezines has been working for years and it will keep on working.
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Jeff Casmer is an internet marketing consultant and work at home business owner. For more information on making money with ezines please visit his "Top Ranked" Make Money with Ezines Directory which gives you all the information you need to Work At Home in the 21st century.
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