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The Invention Of Air Conditioning

Nov 27, 2007
Although it can be impossible to determine exactly when and where something was invented, it is known that the concept of air conditioning was applied in Ancient Rome. It was here where aqueduct water was circulated through the walls of certain houses in order to cool them. This was an expensive method of cooling a home however and therefore only the wealthy could afford luxuries such as air conditioning.

Similar techniques were adopted in medieval Persia where they used cisterns and wind towers in order to keep buildings cool when it was hot. The cisterns which were large open pools collected rain water and when this water evaporated it would cool the air in the building. Wind towers were used to further the cooling process with windows that could catch wind and produce an airflow which would be directed down into the building.

Originally, air conditioning systems were manufactured to cool air for industrial processing rather than for personal comfort. It wasn't until the 19th Century that air conditioning really started to evolve due to advances in chemistry and the first large scale air conditioning unit was invented in 1902. The reason why this was such an innovation was because it didn't only control temperature, but humidity as well. These air conditioning units became more and more popular with businesses installing them to increase productivity in the workplace and people installed them in homes and cars to increase comfort. Sales started to rise dramatically in the 1950s and nowadays it's rare to find an office building or car that doesn't have air conditioning.

The invention of air conditioning didn't come without any hiccups however. The first air conditioners that were used gave off toxic or flammable gasses such as ammonia and propane. This meant that if they were leaked there could potentially be fatal accidents. In recent years there has been much debate over the environment so there have been proposals to use more environmentally friendly gasses that won't destroy the environment.

Air conditioning continues to become increasingly popular every year with the summers getting hotter and hotter. Many people and places find it an absolute necessity and could't run properly without them. For example, offices need air conditioning in order to stop staff from getting irritated and distracted, as do restaurants and shops because people wouldn't go in there if it was boiling hot. Many people have found that installing air conditioning units has come at a great benefit to themselves and others.
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