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Home Business: Get Paid to Prospect and Start Making Money Now

Nov 27, 2007
How would you like to tap into an easier way to prospect and get qualified prospects to come to you? The world wide web with its billions of sites and millions of visitors per day is a great vehicle to accomplish this age old dilemma.

Qualified prospecting makes a lot of sense but it is probably the most overlooked component to success in any business. Many home business owners put up a website thinking that traffic will simply come. And when it doesn't they are surprised and disappointed.

My own approach to prospecting my MLM business out of my home was all wrong. But I was doing exactly what my up line told me to do. I was told to approach everyone using the 3-foot rule. I was told to cold call regularly. And yet I had very little to show for all my effort.

In reality, I was spinning my wheels when I bought company DVD's and CD's and saw and heard them religiously. And I was also spinning my wheels when I spent time polishing my presentation and educating myself on the products.

"You are only as strong as your weakest link," someone very wise once said. Not having made a profit in a company and product I really beleived in bothered me.

I desperately wanted more information...

I keyed into the net and its information highway.
It was an eye-opener: An information product-based affiliate program.

An affiliate program puts out products or services where you as the affiliate marketer can promote them and is designed to pay you commission on those bought products. They are researched and developed quality products ready to be marketed so that you can start making money now.

What ever your home business may be-healthful drink, vitamin based or simply selling insurance, your business is the most important element in this particular affiliate program.

The formula I found resembles the outline of a daisy. Visualize the center as your business and the petals as the affiliate products. The petals enhance and support the center.

The beauty of this system is that even if some of those prospects don't buy into your business, you still receive commission if they want the affiliate products side of your business. The products teach you how to drive that targeted prospect traffic so that you can make income now.

You now have a business giving you multiple streams of income.

Your job as an affiliate marketer is to become an expert on your affiliate products. This will help you in three ways:

1. Through your information-based products you will learn to capture that much-needed traffic of prospects for the ongoing profitability of your business.

2. Since you will be contacted by those prospects that have an interest in what you offer, you will position yourself as a consultant rather than a solicitor, bringing an element of integrity to your business.

3. Prospects will feel that "they will be taken by the hand and lead in the right direction."

So, throw away your contact lists and stop approaching family and friends. Now that I have done this very thing, I enjoy a level of freedom from stress of the never-ending cycle of prospecting I used to do. This more professional approach to prospecting will definitely free you, too, and bring more of that cash flow now.
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