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Tips for Building A Great Business Website

Nov 27, 2007
During the initial days of internet, businesses used the World Wide Web for attracting new customers.

The online world today gives you about ten seconds to capture the interest of a website visitor. If the benefits that you offer are tempting, you might get a customer. Otherwise, your website visitors will simply move on. Therefore, it is a must for all online business owners to present a convincing sales argument on their website.

Once the unique selling proposition is achieved, you can test it on the customers. Remember, your sales argument must address a problem. Ask yourself why someone would visit your website? At the same time, you should also have a good understanding of the search engine terms or keywords that can drive traffic to your site.

Some vital aspects that should be taken into consideration while planning a website are the target audience, content structure and aspects of design compatibility. At the same time, it should be visually appealing, graphically clean, attractive and load quickly before if loses the visitor attention.

Also you might also consider creating an autoresponder that generates a series of emails to your customers at regular intervals -- which is an effective way to promoting your online business. Since there is no direct communication between you and the customer, you can get reach a large audience without having to change your website.

The next step to to generate targeted traffic -- visitors that are interested and are looking for what you're selling. Generating targeted traffic to your website involves various procedures. In this field Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the most difficult and time consuming methods but it can guarantee good return if done right.

The second way of increasing visitors to your website is article marketing. If you can write articles worthy of convincing the customer, then you can attract highly targeted traffic to your web site. Another important link in traffic generation is targeted niches and targeted keywords. The more focused your marketing efforts are, the more targeted your traffic will be.

Once the visitor has arrived at your website you have to get them to take some type of action. One of the primary measures that can be implemented is a call to action. Examples of these are call now, order now, and click here. These phrases instantly increase the sales quotient of the website. In this process you should use action verbs to motivate visitors.

A well optimized website will increase your chances to rank at the top of search engines. This means that according to the search engine research, that website has the best content for that particular keyword. For example, if you type sales training in Google, the top site that comes up indicates that according to Google, this site best suits people searching for sales training. The key to generate targeted traffic using SEO is having great content which will help you get more links to your website.

There are many other variables that are involved but if you include the ones mentioned above then you can drastically improve your odds of building a successful website.
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