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The USP of Web Design

Nov 27, 2007
While surfing the internet, one question used to strike my mind continually - why do some websites have thousands of visitors everyday and others can't quite make the grade? But soon, I realized the elements that create a difference between a popular site and an average site.

It's the Unique Selling Proposition of the site that attracts the surfers. After all people only visit your website for a few seconds on average. It's up to you to catch their attention and make them go through the contents of the website.

It's easy for me to say that the contents of the site should attract the attention, but trust me it is not that easy! But, let me see if I can help you in some way or the other.

The first thing that you should look at is the design of your Home page. It needs to be done with great care. You should make it attractive, catchy and marketable.

The Home page of any business website should have convincing sales arguments that can attract the surfers to learn more about your business. The more convinced your target audience is, the better it will be for your business, because you will be able to change the visitors into customers.

Good sales argument means that your website is catering good USP to the visitors. The USP should incorporate the benefits and the services that your company gives to the clients. To create a good USP, you should ask yourself a few basic questions such as what's the difference between your website and the other sites, who are your target audience and how will your USP attract them.

You should also clarify to the surfers the prospects of your company and the reliability that it can provide to you. To know the minds of the target audience, their likes and dislikes, you have to frame a market research - this is a must and will give your efforts a natural and sharp focus.

You might wonder -- do I have to pursue market research, which is both costly and time consuming? But don't you take bitter medicine when you are ill? Similarly, market research is a must before designing for your website.

The articles of your website should satisfy the target audience. Moreover, the articles must be written in simple language, because the surfer is going through a website, not a piece of literature. The audiences often get attracted by catchy slogans; therefore, choose your slogans carefully. Try to include testimonials and claims you make by people who've used your services and products. It will make the visitors trust you.

As always there are more variables involved, but having a USP is a good first step.
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