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Work At Home Internet Business Marketing: Success With The Articles

Nov 27, 2007
A traditional company would hire a number of salespeople to do that, but we at work at home internet business do not use them, we use internet marketing techniques like the article marketing.

As I said in the first sentence your work at home internet business needs traffic and even more: targeted traffic and even more: presold targeted traffic. This is the quality, which will quarantee that the conversion rate of your site will be high enough!
The term targeted means that you can focus your marketing into several keyword markets and thus utilize the multichannel techniques with your article marketing. The keywords are very important, because with them you can direct your offer to the right searchers.

It is important to notice that the articles do not sell the products, they do not take orders, but they presell the IDEA of the landing page and make the visitor warm to the subject and eager to want more. So the most important factor in the formula is the landing page. The articles are just the salespeople, who draw the interested people for a visit!

Before you proceed with the article marketing, make some simple test to your work at home internet busines landing page: does it describe the need of the customer and your solution to solve his problems and why you are qualified to do that? Does it has a strong call to action element and a possibility for the optin? If some element from the list is missing, correct that before you start a strong article marketing campaign!

Okay, lets go on. Your work at home internet business needs residual, targeted and presold traffic. A sort of automated marketing engine. Right? Okay, thats what the article marketing really is. You see, people who are interested about the work at home internet business, start their search by typing the related keyword into the search engine search bar, like work at home internet business.

The power of article marketing comes from the fact, that the articles use the same keywords than your website and the searchers and can lift your website to the top place at the Google search result page. And when a searcher types your keyword into the search bar and press enter, bingo, your website is the number one there. It will take the lion share of all clicks, maybe 60 %!

For the first place, your work at home internet business needs more backlinks than the present number one. And the articles bring backlinks, if you write optimized articles, i.e. use one long tail keyphrase in the title, teaser, all over the body and in the author box in the hyperlink every single article, which is submitted to thousands of sites and directories bring as many backlinks. On the top of that people will read the articles from the directories, which will bring even more visitors.

The articles are residual. This is a fact, because articles will stay online for a very long time and if other websmasters will copy and paste them into their websites, they will become even more popular. When you write articles regularly, your work at home internet business will have hundreds and thousands of salespeople all over the Net preselling the idea of the landing page.

Note that the more you have the top places at Google result pages, the better is your position on the market. Even the small demand keywords bring traffic effectively during a long period of time. These small demand keywords can be inside the long tail keywords and can bring a nice kick to your marketing campaign.
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