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Nov 27, 2007
The Internet is filled to the brim with e-books, online courses and of course websites that offer you their secret marketing network tip which will put to shame all other e-books, online courses and other websites offering their incredible secrets. If you are spending any time at all pursuing a network marketing career or if you are searching for a multi level marketing opportunity to commit to, the odds are good that you are probably doing some research in this field and perhaps even hope to find that magic silver bullet that will propel you above the rest of the competition.

If you are still searching for that unbeatable marketing network tip, you can give up your search. There is not one tip which will spell success or failure but instead it is a combination of advice, suggestions, foolproof ideas and also common sense that have the power to make you successful.Consider for example the tried and true marketing network tip that suggests spending a lot of time developing and then tending to your down line.

This, of course, is a vital aspect of network marketing but did you know that the real bit of good advice that goes hand in hand with this is the idea to also spend a lot of time with your up line? The up line is a much overlooked piece of your success and if you carefully consider that your success is their success, you know that they wish to share their strategies with you and help you any way. Capitalize on that willingness and instead of going it alone and spending money on useless e-books and online courses, find out their secrets to success.

Another tried and true marketing network tip is the idea of setting up product demonstrations on a weekly basis. Granted, this is a good idea but if you combine it with the powerful marketing network tip to hone your presentation to such an extent that it is short, sweet, to the point, yet at the same time hard hitting and highly informative, you will find that you will be able to squeeze in multiple presentations a day, just as you go about your daily business.

The biggest mistakes novice network marketers make is the overproduction of their presentation, effectively limiting themselves to previously set up appointments only. If you manage to cut out the fluff and frills and instead concentrate only on the message you are trying to get across, whether you are trying to win a new candidate for your down line or gain a new customer for your product you will have the ability to do a sales pitch in the elevator on the way down from the 20th floor and still have the time to exchange business cards.

Last but not least, be accessible. This applies to your up line, down line and most importantly to your customers. While you do not want to interrupt the family dinner or the kids homework time with phone calls and emails, you should take the time to return each and every call at the end of the day, even if it is only to say that you will take a look at the situation and get back with the person the next day.
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