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Secret Confessions of A Webmaster

Nov 27, 2007
Sitting here working on a new website, it occurred to me that there have been several progressions in my website publishing skills and several changes to the quality of those websites. The amusing thing that I pondered was the fact that at each stage I was so proud of my accomplishment and thought I had achieved success.

The stages I went through all came back to mind.

My first effort was with one of the new and cool online website tools, possibly Geocities or Yahoo. I think I tried them both. I was very excited about the fact that I actually had something on the internet. I think I even managed to add a picture to display to friends and family. This was exciting. At that time I thought, this is it, I am there and I have done it. It can not get any better. I have a website.

Well, it got better. I started a little fishing charter business on the side and decided that I must have a website to promote the small business. I am going to do this thing right. You see, I had hosting space included with my high speed internet package. This would be the ultimate, actually having my own website name and the works.

I invested heavily in a website building software package. I think it cost me about seventy bucks. That package is still around. I had to look it up when thinking back about all these memories. Now I had my own website name (domain) and web hosting space dedicated specifically for me. I even learned a bit about SEO although back then I do not remember as much emphasis on the issue. Now I published a real website. I thought, wow, I am there now.

Looking back I realize just how crude that website really was but I loved it.

I guess from there, the progressions were not so pronounced but I must say they were many. I tried Dreamweaver and I really did not like it. I moved on to FrontPage publishing. It is a nice package but sometimes the unconventional extras are a pain in the rear.

I have moved on again. I have found a complete yet simple to use website publishing package. It lacks some of the bells and whistles of the others but it is unmatched in my opinion for getting out a code clean, pleasant appearing, basic website. It is easy to learn and guides you through the process quite efficiently. It even helps you with some basic SEO assistance built right into the application.

So now I have more website and again I think , I am there. It does not get any better. Let me see, have I not said that before? Does any of this ring a bell with you? I wonder what I will be looking back on again in a year or two. Will I again be saying, well now I am there?
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