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Addressing A Business Audience

Nov 27, 2007
Are you a skilled presenter? Would you be able to enter a room filled with leads and successfully not only pitch your product but also the multilevel marketing network business opportunity itself? If the answer to these questions is a hesitant or resounding no and even if it is yes, you need to make the time to hone your skills. Presenting your multilevel marketing network to a live audience is more important than you realize and even if you had hoped to do the lions share of your business online, the fact that at some point in time you most likely will need to interact with a real live audience should give you pause.

Hiding behind a computer screen will limit you and effectively rob you of the opportunity to grab hold of a large corner of the market that is open to other network marketers. Of course, presenting your multilevel marketing network to a live audience will cause butterflies to flutter in the stomachs of even the most seasoned presenters but with some common sense, a bit of know how and the everyday skills discussed below, you will have a fair shot of turning leads into buyers or distributors.

Plan your presentation with the picture you are seeking to paint in mind. For example, are you presenting your multilevel marketing network as the answer for the parent who wants to stay at home with their kids or are you trying to get across the point that a college student who is busy with midterms and homework will still have the ability to make a living when involved in the business?

Understand the intricacies of your multilevel marketing network (MLM) and learn how to present them in detail yet without overwhelming the audience. Avoid the broad brush with which too many live presentations are painted and instead capitalize on the uniqueness of the programs finer points that will set it apart from the competition.

Practice your presentation and compartmentalize the information. For example, you may have a 30 minute presentation that contains about 10 minutes of hard facts, 10 minutes of examples and 10 minutes of anecdotes, ice breakers and segways. If you find within the first six to eight minutes that you have an audience that only appreciates facts and figures cut out the anecdotes and segways, while an audience that is visibly interested in applications will thrive on the examples but might not completely care about all the facts and figures. Knowing which bit of compartmentalized information to play up will increase the effectiveness of your live presentation.

Avoid the fallacy of the captive audience. Unless you are presenting your multilevel marketing network (MLM) to a live audience in a plane in mid flight over open waters, you will not have a captive audience. Instead, listeners will have the power at any time to get up and leave. Worse, the first one to exit might actually set off somewhat of a mass exodus by those who were too polite to be the first one to leave. Appreciate the opportunity and prepare fo some more.
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