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Website Maintenance - How To Maintain A Profitable Website

Nov 27, 2007
Lack of website maintenance could be costing you a virtual "arm and a leg." That's putting it bluntly.

To think you can set and forget in the internet marketing business is stuff dreams are made of. Sure we'd like to think we can put up 20 websites and just leave them and then collect an income from them every week but the truth of the matter is, unless you nurture and tender your sites on a reasonably regular basis then you are going to lose popularity in the search engines.

Yes you get bombarded with self automation products which border on offering the "big red magic button" but let's be honest, how many of these do you purchase and what do you do with them? It's time for some website maintenance 101 the Portal Feeder way.

Satisfying The Search Engines

Google, Yahoo and MSN will provide the bulk of your traffic and of the three, Google leads the way. So keeping the "Google Gods" happy means keeping your websites updated.

Google loves to provide reliable, up-to-date information to it's searchers. By implementing an effective website maintenance plan, you can avoid the sudden drops in their index or worse still, disappearing completely.

Simply putting a site up and leaving it to it's own devices won't do you much good in the majority of cases. The index page is usually your site's first point of entry for visitors. It's the first impression they get of your site. If they like what they see when they first visit then they are likely to come back.

Letting your index page stagnate is usually like watching a puddle of water go from pristine to murky and your visitor will soon stop coming to your site. Update your index page at least once a week and you've probably got a reader for life.

Content Pages

Your site needs to be growing and adding fresh content pages to it at least twice a week will earn you plenty of brownie points in the eyes of the search engines. It keeps your information fresh and keeps the SE spiders coming back to your site.

Your money pages need attention to. Don't just put them up and forget them. Update them at least once every four weeks. There is no need to make major changes but just enough to keep both your readers and the serps happy.

Check your site regularly for broken links. 404 error pages are not good and will do your site harm from a credibility point-of-view. Establishing a reliable website maintenance schedule should be part of your weekly routine.
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