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Importance of Lead Generation for Online Business Success

Nov 27, 2007
Today, the Internet is where most people go to research a new career, find a job, compare prices on retail items, find ways to make extra money, research investment opportunities and even entertain themselves. Smart business owners position their businesses where consumers will find them, online.

Making money online has never been easier. It has also never been more confusing. Affiliate marketing opportunities, work from home businesses, Internet marketing and plug-in profit websites all offer multiple streams of income. All of these online money making opportunities have one thing in common, they depend on opt-in leads to generate online business success.

An opt-in lead is generated when a person comes across a website or online ad that features a money making opportunity like affiliate marketing. The person may arrive at this point by running a specific keyword search through a search engine like Google or they may view an ad on another website or receive notification about the opportunity through email. When presented with this opportunity they simply enter their name and email address in the opt-in form to receive additional information.

How to Increase Your Opt-In Leads

Tools like pay per click advertising, search engine optimization and purchasing opt-in leads from a vendor are all viable options for increasing a business' useable leads and each one has unique advantages.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click (PPC) advertising gets your business noticed. You determine which keywords a potential customer might use to find your business with a search engine inquiry and bid on a price to pay each time a user clicks on your advertisement after searching for those keywords. If you are the winning bidder for "affiliate marketing opportunity", your company's ad will display prominently on the search engine results page when a user types in those three magic words into the search box.

This concept is somewhat similar to outdoor billboard advertising. Prime real estate locations are like prime keywords; everyone wants them and you must pay more to get them. One interesting twist on PPC advertising is that the keywords are constantly up for auction. The major limiting factors in how successful a PPC ad campaign might be is your monthly advertising budget and quality of your advertisement.

This option is used to quickly attract visitors interested in your business' products, services or money making opportunity.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complicated process that helps a business owner design a user friendly website that will rank well on a search engine results page when certain keywords are searched. This ranking is determined by search engine spiders. These spiders are complex programs that search the web continually and determine what each website is about in order to display the most relevant search results to each search engine inquiry.

It is unlike PPC advertising in that you cannot pay to get your website ranked well. Ranking is based on the quality and relevance of your website's content in relation to given keyword or keyword phrase. These are often referred to as organic results since they are natural instead of purchased.

This technique also helps to direct relevant users to your website, but it takes time and effort to rank well on a search engine results page. Search engines are constantly changing the way their spider programs work. An SEO specialist stays up to date on the latest known tactics that help a website rank well. This process is complex and changes are often closely guarded secrets, so never trust an SEO company that guarantees number one ranking on any search engine. There simply is no possible way to guarantee top ranking of organic search engine results.

Opt-In Lead Vendors

Opt-in leads are a great way to increase your profit potential. Investing in personalized leads is best, but leads can also be purchased from a vendor for faster results, but you will be paying for unusable leads as well as legitimate ones.

More leads equal more sales. Investing your time and money in activities that increase the number of legitimate leads generated every month is always a solid step towards online business success.
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