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Management Training for Work Life Balance

Nov 27, 2007
Do you remember that teacher striding into the room with the air and authority of a sergeant major? Do you remember that sick feeling of knowing that you had to approach him with a problem? Oh how first impressions count!

It is estimated that 40% of managers will fail at their post within 18 months of promotion. This is directly attributed to their actions within the first 100 days of their transfer. A sad statistic, and quite drastic in terms of loss of productivity for a business, but curable.

With the right management training solutions in place the above would very rarely happen. Being thrust into a position of responsibility, however much yearned for, can be daunting. However, training alone is not enough bringing only a 22% increase in productivity. Whereas, training combined with coaching brings a vast 88% productivity increase.

Employers can do much to help their staff with the knock on effect of boosting their company's success. Effective training and coaching to ensure employees are ready for the responsibilities of management are a good start. But why not encompass all staff members to ensure job satisfaction?

Many members of staff have been lost to job dissatisfaction. They often feel unchallenged and unappreciated. They don't believe their complaints are listened to or acted upon. Stress is just as paralysing to the lowly receptionist or typist as it is to the high flying managers when a work/life balance is out of synch.

Effective management training along with coaching will re-dress this problem to bring about a happy, industrious work force and successful business. Start with the managers, or more importantly, those approaching promotion, first. Teach empathetic and reflective listening skills, teach them problem solving instead of how to just deal with the symptoms of a problem and all their team will feel that they count.

Teach managers how to hold meetings that people come away from with a feeling of inspiration. Here, presentation and planning skills will come to the fore. Even the mundane activities of report writing can make or break a manager.

Nobody will doubt the importance of the work/life balance and management training and coaching will make the appropriate people aware of all this. A manager with a happy balance in his own life should ensure his staff are the same thus creating a happy, dynamic workforce without the debilitating effects of the work related stress responsible for work absenteeism costing society around 3.7 pounds billion a year.

With the correct management training programme, specifically tailored to suit the individual company, the majority of problems can be halted before they take hold. This starts at the very beginning with managers learning effective recruitment techniques.

And, very importantly in today's PC society, managers will learn how to deal with undesirable behaviour from employees as well as being in no doubt about their own conduct. Assertive, aggressive and passive communication skills are dealt with along with how to present persuasive arguments without belittling the opposition.

On line learning is a useful tool on the path of management training and will assist in the route to truly professional leadership.
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Expert training consultant Shaun Parker looks into how management training can affect your business. To find out more please visit Right Track Consultancy
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