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Enthusiasm Is The Key To Successful Selling

Nov 27, 2007
Enthusiasm plays a very significant role in life. When it comes to sales, enthusiasm has an even more important role to play.

Firstly selling is not easy and is highly stressful. Selling requires an enormous amount of mental, emotional and physical energy and a huge amount of enthusiasm to keep you going especially when the going gets tough.

Secondly, being genuinely enthusiastic about your job, company and products is extremely important. In addition your desire to serve and help your customers on solving their problems will make all the difference between you and your competition. Norman Vincent Peale said, "If you have zest and enthusiasm you attract zest and enthusiasm. Life does give back in kind."

For a sales person, remaining enthusiastic and being on the ball for years on end is no easy matter and hence you have to develop various techniques to keep up your enthusiasm at peak levels.

1. This is Your Job:

You were very enthusiastic when you got into this job a few years ago. In fact you got this job because of the enthusiasm and passion you displayed at that time. Over the years things have slowed down due to various problems that had cropped up both in your business and personal life. You are no exception since this happens in the life of most people. The time is now ripe for you to think seriously about your future. Do a self assessment and see whether you are happy and enthusiastic about what you are doing. Do you believe in yourself as a successful sales person? Are your customers still enthusiastic?

2. Set Your Own Personal Targets:

Attending Seminars and Workshops to build your enthusiasm certainly helps but for how long? What you need at this stage is something that can motivate you to achieve your goals. With a wife and a couple of kids probably, you would want to invest in a good house or property, send your children to a good school and enjoy certain other good things in life.
Now with this as a goal, you can start reviving your zest for work and motivate yourself to achieving your business goals.

3. Keep on Innovating:

Innovating and creating new ideas and "thinking outside the box" to meet the changing demands of the people and the products will always give positive results and bring in new clients. This is an area that you should review and adapt new strategies whenever your enthusiasm wanes, such as recollecting an inspirational quote or viewing a photograph of someone who had been a motivating factor in your life. This is bound to infuse fresh energy and make you more enthusiastic. Or if you have become sluggish in your communication skills, why not follow some seminars and develop your communication skills.

4. Take a Break:

Achieving success and rising up the ladder is stressful in any job. It is more so if you are involved in professional selling. Once you begin to notice that you are becoming less enthusiastic or you feel exhausted at the end of the day, then it is time for you to take a break. Short breaks reduce stress and boost enthusiasm. There are times when you should take a holiday completely away from your normal place of activities and come back charged with new energy and commence working enthusiastically.


Successful selling is said to be the transferring of enthusiasm from the sales person to the customer. An enthusiastic sales person can easily be identified from the rest for he glows and radiates enthusiasm. As Paul J. Meyer says "Enthusiasm glows, radiates, permeates and immediately captures everyone's interest."
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