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How to Find the Best Employee for the Job

Nov 28, 2007
Frankly, a lot of businesses are only as good as the workers who handle the day to day activities and actually come in contact with the customer or client. However, finding the right person, to fill a position, can be a guessing game, unless you know the right questions to ask, in order to make an informed decision.

For example, many potential employers make the common mistake of asking hypothetical questions, to determine whether the employee can handle customers, and related duties properly. Instead of receiving an informed answer, based upon past experiences, many applicants will simply be guessing at the response that will garner them the position.

Instead, ask the individual about a time when he/she was able to resolve customer conflict. Find out the circumstances surrounding the issue, how the worker dealt with the problem, and if he/she would do anything different, if a similar situation were to occur in the future. Now, instead of receiving a hypothetical answer to a fictitious question, you are learning how your candidate handled a real life situation with a customer. Then, you will be able to better determine whether this person can handle any potential problems that may arise in the workplace.

Once you have visited with the potential hire, get the proper release to contact references. Many employers ask for references, yet never bother to follow up on the information. Some interviewees are counting on this lapse in judgment. After all, after the 100th interview, some people have many answers prepared for the questioner. In other words, they are prepared to give you the answers you want to hear.

Although some previous employers will give a good report, even if the applicant was a lousy employee, others will give an honest evaluation of how the individual worked with others and handled the customers. So, do not ask for references if you do not intend to follow through and make a few phone calls.

As an employer, your business will be only as good as the workers you hire. So, it is in your best interests to make every effort to get it right the first time. Hiring the wrong person can cost you valued customers and ultimately cause you unnecessary time and expense searching for a replacement. So, ask the right questions, know the acceptable answers, and be willing to extend your search for the best employee for the job.
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