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MLM - The Greatest Lie Told In Network Marketing

Nov 28, 2007
It's time to blow the lid on MLM! If you've joined the industry in the last few years and have struggled to make an impression then you may not be at fault.

In fact, the very words which attracted you to this business may be the exact same ones which are sabotaging your success right now. In her report "The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing" Ann Sieg named one of the great lies as being..."anyone can do this." Well the fact is, not everyone can build a successful MLM business.

Contrary to popular belief, a level of skill is required to succeed in the MLM business. When you were told during the prospect stage that this is a business for average people you should have run a mile. Why? If you were attracted to multi level marketing because it seemed the right vehicle to take you to your financial goals, then why the heck would you want to be ordinary?

Worse still, why would you want to partner with someone preaching an average message or that it's okay to be average. You see, above average people attract above average people. Being above average sets you apart from the crowd. People sense it, they feel it and they see it. More importantly, they want to be a part of it and hence we solve one of the greatest mysteries in the world of MLM... how to attract prospects to you.

So when you were told you don't need to be above average in this MLM business because your downline will find it hard to duplicate, you may as well have conceded defeat there and then. What did it do to your psyche?

"Oh, that's good. That means I can take it easy and not do any of the extra things which sets successful people apart from unsuccessful people."

By developing an ordinary mentality you become it and people are very perceptive and sense it. So what can you do?

That's easy. You need to shake off the shackles of that initial MLM business pitch and start becoming extraordinary. Go the extra mile in your prospecting; go the extra mile in your presentations; just simply go the extra mile in whatever you do to build your business.

Taking it a step further, make the harsh decision and stop hanging with ordinary people. Yes, that sounds harsh but it needs to be done. Start hanging with above average people and watch how it affects your mentality. They'll need to strap you to a chair to stop you from taking off - the average people that is.

It's one of the 7 great lies of network marketing. You need to set yourself free from it today.
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