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Income Producing Activities That Get Consistent Results Marketing Online

Nov 28, 2007
What is the whole buzz about marketing online? Why is everyone and there brother trying to make money online? What is it that draws so many people to try it? And why do so many people fail at starting and actually making any money? It really is simple. It is because they are not consistently doing activities that produce results and income. Here are just a few simple things you need to do on a regular basis to get people to your website and make money even if they don't join your business.

They are called IPA'S or Income Producing activities. They are what separate the money earners from the tire kickers. It is what makes someone an industry leader. It is also the complete opposite of wishing hoping and praying people come to your site and join or buy anything. Income Producing Activities are the everyday things that successful marketers and MLMer's do that get results, consistently.

Here are a few IPA's tat you should write down to gain the consistency you will need to make money online, or in MLM. First thing you need to do when starting out is learn. Study; imagine you are going to a 4 year college to make the big money once you are out into the real world with all this knowledge and credentials. Learn what builds traffic, what does a good auto responder do for you? What are the best ways to get to the top of the search engines? This is the most important thing that must happen because you will be getting no degree that says you area master marketer it only matters on what you know and the success you have had. So after you have gotten traffic to your site, and built a good lead capture page then you need to get a solid schedule to get peoples names and numbers, and set up appointments. This is the only thing you really need to focus o that will make you money. Get peoples names and numbers and be in front of them as many times as possible. Then explain your business. That really is it. Get names and numbers and sit down and introduce them personally to the hard core basics of the business.

Here is a recap. First consistently sit down and expect to only learn research and study what the gurus are teaching. Write good articles. Blog regularly. Contribute to forums. Start a linking campaign. Place free classified ads. And try different off line advertising campaigns like magazines and newspaper classifieds. After you learn how to market sit down and consistently do what they teach. Every day get a schedule of doing a few things. Then once the traffic starts rolling in get appointments. Get people personally to enroll and sign up. Then you will have a system to build success for others and you will make more money than you ever imagined.
About the Author
Erik Jacobson has been marketing online for the past several years. H has seen many different cams and down right B.S. He has been able to learn what works and doesn't work from the ground up. He has a unique teaching style that makes a basic schedule easy for every individual to follow. http://www.networkingforcash.com
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