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The Things I Would Have Done If I Knew Then What I Know Now....

Nov 28, 2007
When it comes to retrospection, it is truly a fantastic thing. For instance, if we all had known that the membership fees for a popular website would attract such a following, we would have most likely joined the second we learned of it.

If we had only known that niche marketing would become so infectiously popular, then we would have concentrated on this approach rather than waste time with MLM.

If only we had known that Google was going to shift algorithms and AdWords would establish new rules, we could have:

Let's stop.

We have to stop there.

When exploring the ins and outs of online marketing, you can surely bet that the only thing that remains the same is the rate of change. How many times have you opened up your email only to learn of the latest product to hit the shelves? One thing is for sure - there will always be another opportunity to make money in an easy and quick manner. Google will continue to switch its algorithm, while fresh search engines are just around the corner - looking to give Google a bit of competition.

What can be done about all of this? Four things to consider:

1) Keep Educating Yourself

You should know that anyone who excels at the top of their game, regardless if it is through Internet marketing or another field - possess something that makes them good. Usually, it means that they never stop learning new things. New materials and fresh methods are constantly popping up - all being demonstrated with the help of a new professional.

The majority of us become educated in three different ways. We catch on from experts who are knowledgeable in a various niche associated to our field; we learn from those who are trying to accomplish the same things we are, and we dare to fail and learn from both the positive and negative results.

Over time, you will see that the more you learn about Internet marketing, the better able you will become at analyzing the services, products, and possibilities that fit you.

2) Concentrate on One Thing and Give It a Try

Many people who pursue an online venture typically take the same path. They are full of hope and excited about a new product or approach. They go full force into the prospect of succeeding and spend long hours (and generally a lot of money) to set up and get rolling. Some people sell e-books, while others focus on an eBay business. Some establish directory-type websites or center their efforts with AdWords or AdSense.

Then out of the blue - they hear of a new system (perhaps a venture created by a person who states "experts are going to kill me for giving away their secret"). Those who are unhappy with the absence of results with their first venture may decide to shift to another business idea. However, the cycle only begins again with a different product that they will also get tired of and later look to replace.

Next, time passes and after months and years have gone by, they are struggling to pay credit card bills, which comes from switching business approaches at the drop of a dime. Since they don't spend much time with any one thing, they aren't making very much money, and the classic phrase creeps up once again - "If I had only known then what I know now..."

If you can picture yourself in this same scene, then the good news is that you do know better. While you aren't aware of the next best thing in products to come around, you do possess enough information to select a system that will work best for you and you can stand by.

3) Planning Time is Important

Two to four weeks of regrouping is suggested. Next, you need to scan the entire collection of products decorating your shelves or displayed on your computer screen. Now, create a list. Come to the conclusion on the products you are familiar with that are worth keeping. After that, scrutinize the ones you have pinpointed and choose what seems to appear as the best system for you to pursue at this moment. Your strengths will play an important role in this process, as well as your level of know-how and what you think you will take pleasure in the most.

Lastly, create a plan of action. The goal is to focus on just one method and create a feasible timeline in order to accomplish your objectives. This is not a speedy process. It is highly recommended to allow enough time to be patient and watch the money grow. Profit is just the right motivational tool that will keep you going.

It is also important to gain clarity - in the physical sense and regarding the mental aspect of yourself. All the products that do not fit your scheme should be stored away in boxes or filed away on a disk. You never know when you may come back to these possibilities at a later date, but if you have selected the appropriate system to accommodate you, then this will not come into play.

4) Don't Let New Products Cause a Distraction

The objective of the game is to only concentrate on purchasing products and services that will save time and money. It is never good to buy on an impulse. Instead, print out the sales letter, carefully read it, and then set it aside. The next morning, scan the sales letter again. Does it offer the same appeal? Next, take a look at a couple of forums to hear the inside scoop. If a product isn't worth its weight in gold - you will certainly hear about it. If a product is of great value, you will learn that as well.

Also, some questions to ask include: "Will this assist me to simplify the venture I have selected? Is it worth it to pay the money? What kind of difference do I stand to benefit from?" And most importantly, "Do I really need this, or will this become an unnecessary distraction?"

It is also suggested to make plans for the upcoming year to signify your success. You don't want to stand for anymore change jiggling in your pocket. And, we definitely don't want to hear - "If I had only known..."

So, now you know.

Let's make your goals a reality.
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