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Multiply Your Results with MasterMinds

Nov 28, 2007
Considering the bigger picture, can you succeed online alone? Yes, of course. But do you have to? No!

Your journey to success will be much faster, easier and more efficient if you find a way to tap into the experience and knowledge of others.

Being able to share your goals with others will also propel you to success. For having a goal is one thing; making it public to even one person is something else entirely.

Wanting something big and being afraid to voice it is a horrible, stifling feeling that keeps you and your business small. But sharing your ideas makes them real, stimulates action and helps you produce results. In a MasterMind Group, your dreams become an exciting quest for you and everyone in the group.

Although the concept of the MasterMind has been around for centuries, (did any one individual ever develop the laws, rules and governing practices of a country alone?) Napoleon Hill was the first to identify its power in "Think and Grow Rich."

Hill described the MasterMind as the "coordination of knowledge and effort, in the spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose...No two minds can ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible, intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind."

Hill saw this force at work through Andrew Carnegie, a wealthy steel magnate: "Mr. Carnegie's MasterMind group consisted of a staff of approximately fifty men, with whom he surrounded himself, for the definite purpose of manufacturing and marketing steel. He attributed his entire fortune to the power he accumulated through this 'Master Mind.'"

Carnegie's purpose was to grow his business, so he got a group of men together to help him do just that. As the ideas were generated and shared, more ideas developed.

That created energy and momentum for Carnegie's business and helped him create a steel empire. His success was a result of a collaboration of minds. Without that collaboration, he would have experienced a fraction of his total success.

Does that mean you need to find 50 people to MasterMind with in order to drive insane amounts of traffic to your website? No! Think about what happens when you combine your knowledge and experience with the knowledge and experience of just one other person. Do you double your knowledge? Before you answer that, try this exercise:

--Ball both your hands into a fist and raise them side-by-side in front of your face.

--Point the index finger of your right hand to the ceiling.

--Keeping your right finger pointed, do the same with your left index finger.

--Out loud, state what number you see.

It's not two; it's eleven! That's the kind of power created when you form a MasterMind Group. Because two minds aren't just better than one. They're better than ten!

The basic idea is that a group of like-minded individuals with differing strengths can leverage the expertise of others. In my own MasterMind Group, for example, I could have a computer programmer, a graphic designer, a copywriter and a sales professional to collaborate with. Each person brings a different perspective to the group and thus can offer valuable insight that I wouldn't have seen on my own.

The commitment, enthusiasm and expertise that each person brings to a MasterMind Group challenges all the members of the group to set and achieve goals that would otherwise seem impossible.
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