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Five Effective Ways to Generate Traffic

Nov 28, 2007
Driving traffic to your can be exciting. On the other hand, it can also be depressing if that traffic doesn't convert. Then you're left with a website, lots of products and no money. But if you follow the variety of tactics outlined in this article, you'll experience the excitement of watching your business explode and the joy of seeing your bank account grow.

1. Read books in your niche and review them on Amazon. Include your profile on your Amazon home page, making sure to provide a link to your site. With this method, you get to learn and generate free traffic at the same time!

2. Since the average customer needs to be exposed to marketing message seven times before making a buying decision, you need to design your site to keep people coming back to you until they're ready to buy. To keep them coming back, add new content to your site on a consistent basis and remind prospects on your list to visit your site often. Set up a forum, host a contest or find other ways to make your site interactive and engaging.

3. Working alone can be great, but being independent does have its downside. You can counter the effects of loneliness by forming a MasterMind team of likeminded people to collaborate with and grow your business. Seek diversity in your MasterMind team. Choose about 5-8 people to meet with on a consistent basis, and recruit people who have different strengths and weaknesses.

4. Eliminate your competition by turning them into JV partners. But only enter into joint ventures with people in your niche whom you can trust. If you question their motives, don't do business with them. Just be sure to establish a clear customer path for your business. Your customers should never hit a dead end; always give them a choice to branch out onto another path. Then look for real estate within your partners' systems to market your products on.

5. Integrate your marketing with your partners to establish consistent traffic and cash flow. Also, encourage your partners to create front end products so you can focus on promoting your back end products to their customers.

Integration marketing is perhaps the most powerful of the tips mentioned here. When you do integrate your marketing with Joint Venture partners, you want to keep that partnership alive and thriving. So at least once a month, send your partners a letter thanking them for promoting your products. In that letter, show them how much money they made as a result of integrating your marketing with theirs.

That simple monthly reminder will keep them running your ads, keep traffic coming to your site and keep money flowing into your bank accounts.
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