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How to Get Repeat Business Via Bookmarks

Nov 28, 2007
Ever been "window shopping" at the mall? You're not quite sure if you want to buy anything, so you browse. You walk from store to store glancing at the products on display in the windows.

Then one window display catches your attention. Two robotic mannequins dressed in stylish clothes are waving at you. You smile, wave back and keep walking. You enjoyed the display, but you just weren't ready to buy anything from that store yet.

A week later, you pass the store again. This time the mannequins are wearing different outfits and arm-wrestling each other. Now you're hooked. You have to come back next week to see what the mannequins will be wearing and what they will be doing.

You still haven't bought anything, but you have every intention of revisiting that store. And if you're like any other average customer, you probably won't be ready to buy until you're exposed to similar "window" marketing at least seven times.

Marketing research has shown that prospects need to be exposed to a product or concept an average of seven times before buying. That means that the majority of visitors to your site are not ready to become paying customers the first time they are exposed to your information.

Skeptical by nature, they may not be sure they can trust you. Or they might just be "window shopping." So your job is to find ways to keep exposing your visitors to your message.

When people visit your site for the first time, you want to give them a reason to BOOKMARK your site. You then become a favorite and increase your chances for getting repeat traffic from that same prospect.

Ask your prospects to bookmark you. Very few sites actually remind their visitors to do so. You can put yourself ahead of the competition just by making this simple suggestion.

On every page of your site, place bookmark reminders. Make it easy by telling them to "Press Control + D to Bookmark this Site" or just say "Remember to Bookmark this Site."

If you don't remind them, how else will they remember you?

Like the store with the moving window display, give your visitors a reason to expect new things every time they visit your site.

Keep in mind this is your branding site such as your blog, not one of your sales sites. Those sites are for selling; your blog is for giving away information, branding you and pointing people to your money sites.

In essence, you're selling to people who aren't yet buying. You might be the first one to hit them with a new idea, so they need time to process this different way of thinking before they buy anything. In the meantime, you want them returning to your site often so you can be the one to educate them and gain their trust.

But you also want to keep your paying customers coming back to your site, too. The more they visit your site, the more likely they are to keep buying from you and to buy your more expensive products.

The goal is to keep people coming back to you until they are ready to buy. If they've been visiting you for a while before that first purchase, the chances of them becoming loyal, high-value lifetime customers is extremely high.
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