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Using a MasterMind to Supercharge Your Business Growth

Nov 28, 2007
To put a traffic-generating MasterMind team together, you need to choose the right people, establish guidelines for your group and meet on a consistent basis.

First, you have to decide how many people you want to collaborate with and what kind of people you are looking for. Ideally, you should form a group of 5-8 people, 12 max. This size group gives everyone a chance to be heard and is more practical as far as scheduling goes. But keep in mind that masterminding with just one other person can reap huge benefits.

Before you begin recruiting, you need to know what kind of people you are looking for. Simply being aware of the characteristics you want those in your group to possess will help attract the right people to you. The kind of people who can help you devise ways to bring traffic to your site are:

--Action-oriented, motivated and ambitious.

--Committed to their success and the success of the group.

--Willing to share their ideas.

--Open-minded and interested in learning new things.

--Always striving to improve themselves and their situations.

Your family, friends and colleagues could make great MasterMind partners as long as they share the above-mentioned characteristics. But some of the best people to work with are those you meet at seminars. You can also ask those you respect in your industry to join you.

Wherever you look, challenge yourself to seek out those with different personalities and skill sets. The more diverse you are in those areas, the more successful the group will be as a whole.

When you have a solid group of diverse yet likeminded people together, establish group guidelines. You need to know what you want to get out of the MasterMind and be able to tell those who are joining what they can expect to get out of the partnership of ideas as well.

The first choice you need to make is whether the group will be dedicated to improving your business or to providing assistance for each participant.

Andrew Carnegie, for instance, brought people together for the sole purpose of implementing his personal vision. None of the 50 men discussed their own projects because all were focused on building a steel empire.

To create this type of group, you need a strong vision like Carnegie had, one that all members of your group can buy into with passion and enthusiasm. Since they won't directly benefit from the MasterMind, they need to see the bigger picture of how their contribution to your business will benefit others. Creating the type of group where the members meet to support each other is easier and more common because it's an equal win-win for all involved.

After deciding which type of group to develop, you must decide how your MasterMind will operate. Following these guidelines will make your group as productive as possible:

1. Decide how often you will meet: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Also set a certain day of the week and time for each meeting.

2. Agree how long each meeting will last: one hour, two hours or three hours. Then be sure to honor the time limit.

3. Determine the best way to meet: online chat, teleconference or location (if you're all local).

4. All members must agree to respect each other and maintain a high level of integrity.

5. Require attendance and participation. This prevents people from only showing up and participating when they have a problem. It also establishes a sense of trust in that everyone can rely on each other to show up and contribute their ideas.

6. Allow only one person to speak at a time, and speak with the understanding that everything spoken to the group stays with the group. Knowing that everything discussed remains confidential allows for the free-flowing of ideas and information.

7. The discussions must remain focused on the task at hand to make each meeting worthwhile. "Rabbit trails" only waste everyone's time.

Once you have a team together and the groundwork set, start meeting. At the beginning of each meeting, give participants an opportunity to share an update. Find out what each has accomplished since the last meeting and what each would like to discuss during the current meeting.

Then allot a certain amount of discussion time for each person. Throw out problems to the group and brainstorm solutions. Or just pose a question like "What can I do to generate more traffic?" Listen and record the ideas that come pouring in from your MasterMind partners.

At the conclusion of the meeting, give participants another chance to share. This time, have each person state the things they want to achieve before you all meet again.

You can choose to vary your format in whatever way works best for your group. For example, you can focus on only one person/business per meeting. Whatever you choose, make sure you remain focused on your overall goal: to grow your business. By remaining focused on that goal, your MasterMind team will help you design and discover ways to generate massive amounts of traffic.
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