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Secrets to Attracting Repeat Visitors

Nov 28, 2007
To attract repeat visitors, your site must contain valuable information. Otherwise you won't get noticed and will provide no incentive to bookmark you. Engage your visitors with a well-designed site that stimulates their mind from the moment they scan your content.

A content-rich site is a good baseline, but to attract repeat visitors, you need to refresh your content regularly, either every day or every week. If your visitors come back to you after a month or two and find the same content, they'll never come back again to buy from you.

That's why new content is the number one reason people will return to your site. The more often you update or improve your site in some way, the more often people will be inclined to come back.

Updating does not require a complete overhaul of your existing site. It's simply adding a new article or blog post.

If you take it one step farther and let your visitors know that you update your site regularly (rather than assuming they will know about your update schedule), they will be more inclined to bookmark you.

If you update once a week or add an in-depth report once a month, advertise the days and times you usually add new content. That way those who bookmark you will know exactly when they can expect to see new changes and will come back out of curiosity on those dates.

What if they forget that you update your site, though? Is it possible that even if they bookmark you, they won't ever return? Of course. But that's where your opt-in email newsletter comes in. It's your best and cheapest source for creating repeat traffic.

Staying in touch with your customers through email encourages them to stay in touch with you by constantly visiting your site.

You can send out a notice to your list every time you update your site with new content. Include part of the new article you posted in your email to generate interest followed by a link to your site for them to click to read the rest.

As long as you're delivering good content, you create an unexplainable need in your prospects to open your email, read what you have to say and visit your site to get the full story.

To make updating your content a little easier on yourself, you can write one article and break it up into a series. By posting parts I, II and III in subsequent weeks, you keep reader interest high and thus maximize repeat traffic.
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