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How to Create a Successful Sales Path

Nov 28, 2007
To understand how to best promote your products to your prospects, you need to first grasp the basics of a customer path. Having a short path limits real estate, but a well-developed path takes full advantage of the virtual possibilities.

The first step is to invite prospects to travel your path by giving them something for free, like a report or a newsletter. The only price they pay to travel down the path with you is their name and email address. After they give you their contact information, you take them to a page that thanks them for joining you. This Thank You page is real estate, but it's a DEAD END if all you do is thank your prospects.

What if your prospect wants more? What if he's curious about who you are and what you have to offer? What if he's hungry for information and ready to buy something from you right now?

He can't. So he'll go somewhere else to satisfy his appetite. Unless you extend your path by showing him a One Time Offer for, say, $97. This OTO is something he will only see once, then that product will never be available to him at that price again. Now he has two choices to make: buy or don't buy. Which means you can use upsells and downsells to create a four-way path for him based on that one decision.

If he buys, you offer him an upsell. The upsell should be the original OTO plus a little extra value at a higher price. Generally, you want to add enough value to justify adding about half the cost of the original offer. If the OTO is $97, your upsell price would be $147.

Your prospect then has another decision to make: buy the upsell or not. Purchasing the upsell puts him on the path of your "elite" customers, and not purchasing it places him on your "gold" path. But what if he chose not to buy your OTO? Rather than creating another dead end, you offer him a downsell.

The downsell should be as close to the original offer as possible--minus a little value--at about half the cost of the original offer. You could take away some key bonuses or provide a digital download of the print workbook you were selling to justify the lower $47 price. Purchasing the downsell puts him on your "silver" path. Passing on the offer simply keeps him on your list as a targeted prospect.

Do you see how your Dead End became a four-pronged street? All those streets are prime marketing real estate. Marketing along each street keeps your customers in a constant state of motion on your various paths. Your offers and those of your JV partners help your prospects find their way to the silver paths, then the gold paths and eventually the elite streets.

Purchasing progressively higher ticket items is the link your customers use to get from path to path. And those high-ticket items are called your Back End and your secret to creating wealth.
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