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How to Create Consistent Cash Flow for Long-Term Success

Nov 28, 2007
Joint Ventures are the most powerful form of marketing leverage accessible to you, but if you don't understand how to maximize that leverage, both you and your partners will be leaving a lot of money on the table. Integration Marketing is the way to maximize your JV leverage, yet this is an extremely overlooked area of Internet marketing. Few people grasp the importance of this tactic, and even fewer people are teaching this method.

Just like it sounds, integration marketing is the process of integrating your marketing with other people's marketing. It allows you to generate hungry, targeted traffic and create consistent cash flow for your business rather than one-shot profits from a product launch.

A typical JV deals goes something like this: "I'll mail for you when you launch your product if you mail for me when I launch my product." Then after the product launches, the deal is done. You both make money on the actual launch, then momentum from your launch dies because you have no way of bringing in a steady flow of customers--and therefore cash--with your JV partnerships.

By only focusing on the pre-launch and launch phases of the sales cycle, your message becomes stagnant. So you have to prepare another launch to bring in revenue. Then another. And another. Soon all you're doing is product launches to stay in business.

You can operate your business this way if you don't want a thriving business that is doing what is necessary to survive long-term. So would you rather rely on huge product launches or on consistent cash flow?

Then again, it doesn't have to be one or the other. You can have the best of both methods when you integrate your marketing with each other. Integration marketing brings you a steady stream of responsive customers through leveraging the marketing real estate of your JV partners. By promoting your complementary products on this "real estate," you reach targeted prospects.

The real profit power of integration marketing is that it allows you to take advantage of the backend. The backend is where you make your money, so the purpose of front end offers is to drive backend sales.

But imagine not having to do any work to get front end traffic. Even better, imagine being able to take prospects directly to your back end and convert them into customers at a rate of 10% or more. You can do just that if you find people in your niche with proven front end offers. Let them spend the time and money to drive traffic to their sites. Then help them make that money back and more by offering your back end products to customers who respond to your JV partner's front end offers.

Although you are best able to maintain the leverage in your favor if you are the one offering the back end products, you can also benefit if you are the front end traffic generator. You simply allow your JV partner to offer his back end products to your customers as they walk through your customer path. Then you get a hefty commission while you let your partner do all the work involved in delivering the product.
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