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6 Tips To Writing Money Making Articles

Nov 28, 2007
Writing articles to promote your internet business is a guaranteed powerful and cost effective method of driving 100% free and targeted traffic to your website. Articles work in numerous ways to boost the profitability of your internet business. First, writing articles positions you as an expert or authority in your field. Next, it gives you credibility because you are providing valuable content. Then it helps to increase your search engine page rank due to the one way links pointing back to your website. Most importantly, it will drive more traffic to your site. More targeted traffic gives you the chance to get more sales!

Here are 6 easy tips to help you get started with article marketing.

1) Write a high quality article that offers valuable content. You are not writing an advertisement. The reader will lose interest in your article very quickly if it reads like an advertisement. Choose an interesting topic to write about. Think about how your article will help the reader. Pretend like you are talking to your friends about the topic and let the words flow naturally. You will capture and keep the readers attention when the tone appears personal. An article with a personal tone reads much better than a dry tone and will not put your readers to sleep. Give examples to illustrate the point you are trying to make when possible.

2) Make the article easy to read. This means break your longer paragraphs up into smaller sections. You should have a distinct introduction, the body and the conclusion. Use bullets or numbered sections in the body when appropriate to make your points more readable. The reader can quickly scan your article when it is formatted in short sections. This will help them to make a decision regarding if the article has any value to offer them.

3) Choose a title that captures interest. The title is your first chance to get the reader interested. It should be short and should grab their attention. If the title is dull and too long you could lose the chance to even get the reader to the body of the article.

4) Check for spelling and grammatical errors. Ask someone to proofread it for you and use a word processor spell checker. It can sometimes be very hard to check for your own errors. This is because you have written the article and probably have read the article many times. The errors will not stand out as easily to you. If your article contains too many typos or misspelled words you start to lose credibility. Why would the reader take advice from a person that cannot even write and spell correctly?

5) Create an author bio that explains who you are, what you do, and what your business is about. Do not use the bio as an advertisement. State what value is provided to the reader if they click on the link to visit your website. Keep it short, only about 4-5 lines. You should suggest to the reader that they could learn more on a particular topic to lead them from the article and directly to your website.

6) Promote your article! You should have it published in ezines, article directories, newsletters, and article syndication feeds! You do not have to limit yourself to online publication sources either. Is there a local publication in your area that might benefit from your article?

Writing and submitting articles has been the absolute #1 most effective technique used by many internet business owners to promote their internet business. If you are not using this technique, you are missing out on an inexpensive and explosive form of website promotion. I hope you will consider writing articles for your business!

And do not worry if you do not feel comfortable writing your own articles or need an additional source of articles to supplement what you are already writing. Using PLR articles or a writing service can help you with all the fresh content that you need for your website.
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