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How Does Someone Make So Many Sales When Others Say It Is Saturated?

Nov 28, 2007
We are about to add a boatload of videos for the higher members area. We are contemplating on adding downloads to the audio recordings of our training calls. We are probably going to make these training calls only for product owners, the upper levels, where basic members cannot listen to them. Now they can listen to the initial calls here, but we are contemplating on doing that. We are going to be adding an awesome product, we are adding products monthly to the higher level area and a lot of videos, but we are coming out with a huge product for our company that is going to be added to the higher level area this fall. We have the only two level instant payout system. There is no other company that has that. There are some that tried to copy and make a two level or more program and make a weekly or daily payout, but none have an instant payout. They collect the money and then send it out.

We collected the second level here in the beginning because we had to do that until we got the script written by the programmers, because it was never done before and it took a while to get done, but it is done now and it actually works and everybody gets out on the point of sale on the second level. There are all types of things always happening. We just started training calls right in the beginning, that is something new. You can always be adding different things, it only means writing a few sentences or a paragraph on this or that and that is new updated information. You can even make a sub headline about the next change or what just happened.

Getting back to saturation, it is just a myth again, unless you are in a ponzi scheme or a scam, then those are meant to be saturated real quick and closed down or the owner is unethical and runs off with your money. Also beware of people, the so called leaders, that go into those things purposely to make a lot of money by bringing a lot of people in and making money off you and you really never get a real product or any substance or long term substance for your money. You are just left there stranded. I am sorry that these things happen, I am sure there are people who are reading this that these things have happened to, but sometimes it is a part of life that you just cannot help. Just do not left it bring you down, because what goes around comes around. Just move forward, put that behind you and that is it.

Saturation is a myth, we have proved it wrong, it is wrong and there is no such thing. It is just competition, competition is good and it makes you a better person. There is nothing easy in life, I have not found anything easy in life, everything that I though was going to be easy took some work. That is what differentiates one person from the next. That is why the top one to three percent of the people in the world have more money than the rest of the population in the world. They did something a little bit different. They differentiated themselves from the rest of the people, they do things different, they are different. Some people may call them a little bit weird, but that is good. People might think that people are weird if they pay cash for a house, I do not know, but they are definitely doing something right, and you have to be differentiating yourself from everybody else.
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