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Two-Dozen Items to Consider When Choosing the "Right" Merchant Account

Nov 28, 2007
With the dizzying array of merchant account processors on the Internet today, it can be a daunting, if not outright frustrating task to determine which provider you should entrust the handling of your sales. But the process of deciding which provider is right for your business might not be as difficult as you might have imagined.

In fact, veteran business owners know that there are several options you should look for before you settle on any given merchant account provider. It might seem obvious, but the choice you make upfront in your decision-making process could literally mean the loss or gain of thousands of dollars in revenue. In fact, it could mean the very survival of your business altogether.

Here then, are two-dozen options you'll want to consider when determining whether a particular merchant account provider is right for you. You might not find all these options in one particular merchant account provider. But this list is certainly worth consulting before you take the plunge.

Ask yourself whether the merchant account provider you are considering:

- Allows you to set up an account for free
- Allows you to get paid instantly
- Allows you to offer 95% affiliate commissions
- Allows you to sell digital products
- Allows you to sell material products
- Allows you to sell subscription based services
- Allows you to set ANY price for you product - no price maximum
- Allows you to NOT offer a money back guarantee if you don't want
- Allows you to protect your products from unauthorized access
- Allows you to easily test different advertising campaigns
- Allows you to easily determine products actual conversion rates
- Allows you to set custom affiliate commission percentages
- Allows you to accept affiliates automatically or by manual approval
- Allows you to customize your checkout page
- Allows you to get additional information from customers
- Allows you to set automatic product price increase or decrease
- Allows you to show or not show your product's conversion rates in the marketplace
- Allows you to track product conversion rates by different traffic source
- Allows you to track product conversion rates by search engine
- Allows you to track product's popularity between affiliates
- Allows you to track percentage of sales made by affiliates
- Allows you to track the number of active affiliates and their performance
- Allows you to Track unique visitors to your product's website and their behavior
- Protects affiliates so they are paid commissions due

So there you have it. As noted previously. Most business providers will not offer all the options above. But we know of one merchant account provider that does offer all these services and 54 others that you might want to consider. And you can get the details here...

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