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How to Invest in Quality "Virtual" Real Estate

Nov 28, 2007
The most powerful integration marketing tactics take advantage of all the possibilities and places available to advertise your products. So work with your JV partners to find quality real estate for both your front end and back end products. The more places you integrate your marketing, the more money you'll both make. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Co-registration: this brings you a steady stream of targeted leads. When these prospects you gain through your partner's recommendation become customers, you pay the partner who gave you the lead a commission on each sale.

2. Exit Pops: for those who leave your site without taking any action, insert an exit pop with an enticing offer. Think of it like the candy placed near the cash registers in grocery stores. Maybe a shopper didn't find what they wanted when they walked in to the store, but the candy caught their attention on the way out. So they bought something even though they intended to leave empty-handed.

3. Thank You Pages: thank subscribers to your newsletter by redirecting them to an irresistible one time offer immediately after they subscribe. And show the same offer to subscribers of your JV partner's newsletters.

4. Success Pages: after a prospect has successfully completed an action like downloading a report or signing up for a teleconference, redirect them to a page that has a complementary offer.

5. Order Pages: as previously mentioned, utilize upsells and downsells to reach as many people at their current level of responsiveness. If they are desperate for your information and have money to spend, they'll want the upsell. If they are desperate but don't have as much money to spend, they'll be grateful for the downsell opportunity.

6. Websites: the possibilities for finding places to advertise on other people's websites is unlimited. Every page of their website (i.e., "Contact" pages) are chances to insert your marketing message.

7. Autoresponders: you can manufacture as much real as you desire by inserting marketing messages into your autoresponder and those of your JV partners. The best part is that it's a "set and forget" method that runs on autopilot.

8. Member's Area: this is prime real estate almost no one uses to market other people's products. Inserting your "exclusive offers" to members of other people's programs means high conversion rates for you and an increased level of perceived value for your partner.

9. Logout Pages: rather than send people to a page that just lets them log back in, give them an opportunity to buy something from you.

First capitalize on all the real estate you can create within your customer path. Then every time you gain a JV partner and consequently acquire more "land," you'll better be able to recognize the gaps in their unused territory. Once you fill those gaps with your marketing messages, you gain steady traffic and consistent cash flow.
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