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What You Must Do With Your Articles Before You Submit To Article Directories

Nov 29, 2007
One of the earliest and most useful methods for attracting targeted visitors to websites is just good old fashioned information marketing which is made easier now with the internet. Before the internet this was done through direct mail and by informing a prospect over and over about something before you sold them. The internet has sped the process up with interested consumers being able to gather all of the information they need at once and make intelligent and informed decisions about the products and services that they want.

One of the best ways of knowing what to do in article marketing is to look at what not to do, so let's look at some of the common mistakes that many people make with their articles.

One of the big mistakes people make is not knowing the difference between the reason to write the articles and the reason to promote them. There are three main reasons for promoting the articles which are branding of your name or website, generating leads, and promoting your site. Conversely, there is only one reason to write an article which is to educate your target audience. This is what the focus of your article needs to be and if it is not focused on this then it will not be successful. The key is to write content they will read and then write a compelling resource box that they will click to go to the site you wish to promote.

Another faux pas that is made by people who are trying to use article marketing as a method to promote their sites is not maximizing the incredible site promotion advantages of using articles to market and promote their websites. Most people who are using articles know the benefits from the back links they get from them but you can also use them to get even more visitors and better search engine rankings as well.

With the articles on your sites you can also use anchor text through the articles linking to products or sites you wish to promote. Most article directories don't allow links within the articles but you can always use them like this on your own sites.

One of the biggest mistakes that people tend to make when writing articles is by writing content that is not useful, informative, or entertaining to your readers. You see, many article writers write only for the visitors that they may get directly from that article while neglecting the larger audience that can be found by writing articles that other website owners will want to place on their sites which will result in even more traffic. Think about it, if you write articles that have that kind of reach your articles could possibly find their way to sites with thousands of unique visitors daily.
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