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Email Marketing with Holiday Cards Boosts Customer Loyalty

Nov 29, 2007
The right email marketing software can dramatically help boost the loyalty of customers with some simple, yet thoughtful, holiday email postcards. This truly is a case of a little effort going a long way, where you, as the business owner, can reap some very positive results.

Today's consumers interact with a ton of companies to fulfill all their wants and needs. However, it is their loyalty to each of these companies that determines whether they come back for more or seek out other alternatives. With that in mind, it is very important for companies to encourage the greatest possible amount of loyalty. When it comes to the holiday season, this loyalty can be fostered by a simple email marketing campaign that sends out a postcard to each customer just letting them know you care.

In the past, sending out a postcard to each customer would have been a time consuming and often expensive process (design, printing, postage, etc.). Fortunately, those days are behind us. Today, with the right email marketing software any business can load in all of their customer contact information and press a big send button. That send button is like a magical button that puts a smile on your customers' faces and makes them feel more connected to your company.

An email marketing campaign with a big "Happy Holidays From Our Company" message may only get opened by your customer and read for a split second, but that's still enough time for them to feel special. After all, think about all the companies this consumer interacts with and how many of them did not send holiday wishes. This puts you way ahead of them in this respect and that translates into greater loyalty to your company.

You don't have to spend lots of money or incur expensive design fees to put together a heart-warming holiday wishes email marketing campaign. Today's email marketing software, like EliteEmail, makes it easy to just point and click your way to professional results. High quality email marketing software will even automatically personalize each holiday postcard with your customers' names, so you can say "Wishing The Smith Family A Happy Holiday Season" or "Hello Sally, we wanted to wish you happy holidays and a great new year".

This holiday season, don't under-estimate how much good will and loyalty you can build by sending an email marketing campaign to your customer base. After all, in a day and age where competing for your customer's attention is at an all time high, wouldn't you rather be the company that stands out from the crowd and connects to your customers?
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Robert Burko is the President of EliteEmail.com, the premier email marketing software that helps small businesses around the globe stay in touch with their customers. To learn more about email marketing, you can visit the Email Marketing University for valuable resources. Robert has been featured on TV, radio and magazines across North America for his marketing expertise.
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