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How Will You Handle Success?

Nov 29, 2007
You have absolute no doubt you will be successful! You have faith in your product or service; you have already done a market survey, and you truly believe the public needs what you have to offer; you are in an optimal location; you have done everything you can possibly do, before the doors even opened, to ensure a profitable business. So, assuming your goals are just around the corner, how will you handle success?

What would it mean to actually become successful? Maybe you will get out of debt, be able to send your children to a university, secure your retirement for the future, or buy a new car. Would success simply mean security or do you have visions of moving to the elite part of town?

Would you act differently and move to the nicer part of town, where all the rich people reside. Or, would you still be the same person you have always been, with a little more money in the bank. Would your priorities change? Do you have plans to share your good fortune with the community? What kind of person will you become?

Would you take on something new, like a car or a mortgage? In contrast, would you take on a charity, start a scholarship fund, or even pass on some of your profits to the workers who have faithfully stuck with you, in good times and bad? Would you add a sister business across town, or be content with your good fortune?

Although you are pleased with your success, are there certain aspects of your former life you would be glad to leave behind? Have you vowed to never buy on credit, or allow yourself to get in debt in the future? Will you turn your "baby" over to a capable manager and move to a more favorable climate, or will you stay in town, but sell your fixer-upper of a home? What else would you forego, if you became successful?

Why is being successful so important to you? Is it for the money, the family, or the feeling of making your time on this planet worth living? Why are you willing to work long hours, put up with employees, learn to juggle personal, professional and family time, (which means considerable self-sacrifice), just to achieve a modicum of success?

In short, you need to think successfully to reach your ultimate business goal. Dare to dream! Decide what achieving prosperity will mean to you and your family. You will work very hard to ensure small business growth; you deserve the privilege of considering how your success will shape your future.
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Paul Sutherland is an Accelerated Business Growth Coach. His company - Daniel Thomas International - www.dti.eu.com helps corporate and SMEs to grow their businesses with tried tested and proven techniques and strategies, increasing their bottom line profits in 90 days or less?

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