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The Importance Of MLM Training

Nov 29, 2007
95% of Network Marketers fail due to lack of MLM training. Why is this? Well, for starters most companies promise to teach you how to market your business but fail to give you the proper resources to do so. Most companies simply give you a cookie-cutter website and tell you to drive traffic to it. Do Not Do This. It will be a waist of your time and money.

It is easy to tell the few companies that offer legitimate training because they all teach the same methods thatWork. One of these methods is that they teach you to lead with the product rather than opportunity. If you lead with the product you will target interested people desiring your product, which will generate a higher amount of sales. You can then introduce your prospects to the opportunity side of the business. Since these people are already using the product it only makes sense for them to join. Through this MLM training technique you will find that more reps will join and stay with your company far longer than if you were promoting the opportunity side.

Anytime you are marketing your company you always want to focus on product. This goes the same with article marketing, blogging, signature files, etc. You build credibility in your field by demonstrating product knowledge. To find out if you company is using sound marketing strategies, look at whether or not they lead with the product. If they aren't, it doesn't mean that you have to switch to a different company, just that you will have to do some extra work.

One of the best ways to start leading with the product is to develop your own lead capture page that you can send prospects to. This page is going to be related to some type of benefit that your product has. For example, if you are marketing coral calcium you are going to want to talk about the benefits of coral calcium, but whatever you do, don't mention your product. You then offer some type of free report for more information on the benefits of you product in exchange for their contact information. Link the form you use to an auto-responder that will then send out the free report. Now you have a lot of options. You can call the person and sell them on your product, email them and start to build credibility in your field, or send something like a product catalog to them. Whatever you do, do not spam. This will only hurt your credibility and motivate them to leave your email list. I highly recommend sending out periodic emails with more information about the benefits of your product (not the product itself).
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