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The Muir Lock Monster Released

Nov 29, 2007
In our age of rapid industrial development and expansion there is an urgent need for environmental protection to reduce, control and prevent pollution, especially oil related pollution and spills. If we don't take proper measurements against contaminating our environment pollution damage to human health will soon be intolerable and threats to ecosystems will continue to grow.

All of us share both the responsibility for creating the problem of oil and other chemical spills and the responsibility for finding ways to solve the problem.

One solution is the patented Muir Lock Monster Technology by Petro Barrier Systems. It is a proven, proprietary containment system that provides worry-free, economical protection for drains, sumps and storm water drains.

One of the exceptional features of its products is that they serve a dual function. They are capable of both filtering out small amounts of oil and completely stopping the flow of oil into the water system in case of a major spill. PBS' innovative technology incorporates a unique filter material that permits the flow of water, but traps any oil contaminants that may be present. Therefore if the water entering the product is only slightly contaminated, the Muir Lock Monster lies dormant, and the filtering section removes the oil, while allowing the water to continue to flow freely. However, in the case of a large oil spill, the Muir Lock Monster is awakened! The oil immediately begins to chemically react with the active absorbent material, which rapidly congeals upon contact with the oil, effectively "locking" the device. A solid barrier is created, which prevents any oil from entering the water system. This system of containment allows for easy clean up or recovery of the spilled oil.

The Storm Drain Barrier is the recommended product for the protection of drains in case of major oil spills. If a spill produces more than the normal sheen, or if there are trace amounts of oil present in the water exiting into the storm drain, it will create a barrier which will stop the hydrocarbons from flowing any further.

For the standard storm drain, the barrier comprises of four types of barriers:

- Three of these barriers are designed for filtering and plugging the water.

- The remaining is a by-pass that instantly plugs the barrier when activated by the three filtering barriers becoming blocked. If the plugging is caused by oil, the by-pass barrier will stop any further flow of liquids. However, if grit and silt or other non-hydrocarbon material causes the block, the by-pass barrier will allow water to continue to flow freely.

Examples of non-point sources of storm drain pollution include the following:

- Sediments from construction, forestry operations and agricultural lands;

- Bacteria and microorganisms from failing septic systems and pet wastes;

- Nutrients and pesticides from agricultural areas, golf courses, athletic fields and residential yards;

- Oil, grease, antifreeze and metals washed from roads, parking lots and driveways;

- Toxic chemicals and cleaners that were not disposed properly;

- Litter thrown onto streets, sidewalks and beaches, or directly into the water by individuals.

There is a range of standard products by Petro Barrier Systems designed to fit into standard floor drains and storm water boxes. And in case of customers with specialized needs when it comes to their containment requirements PBS is also able to custom manufacture and tailor its products to meet their particular needs.

To conclude, oil may provide the ingredients for thousands of products we use every day, but it carries with it some potential problems. That's why prevention becomes more and more important.

We have to take appropriate steps to protect our nature from oil's harmful effects.
About the Author
Keith Tomlinson is President of Excalibur Communications, the company that provides 1-800 call capture, conference call and web marketing services to a wide range of clientele in North America. Visit http://www.petrobarriersystemsinc.com to find out more about environmental protection products.
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