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10 Ways You Can Market Your Mlm Blog Posts With Social Power Linking

Nov 29, 2007
Having a well planned and designed MLM blog with an attractive theme and original keyword optimized content is now an important aspect of the internet marketing plans of many network marketers. Having strong pillar articles and an attractive design are not enough these days to get the MLM blog traffic required to build a large subscriber base.

For example, Technorati lists over 2,000 "MLM blogs", in their directory. A Google search for MLM blogs yields over 2,510,000 pages! In order to get significant MLM blog traffic for your MLM blog, consistently following ten Web 2.0 social power linking steps can help increase the page rank and performance of your MLM blog.

Following these steps in this order should be part of a routine schedule for each post to your blog.

1. Claim your blog at Technorati. This is an essential first step, even before you begin your post. Technorati is the "Google of blogs", with over 4,500,000 blogs in their directory. Make sure to develop and upload a strong profile that includes your picture. Then choose the appropriate tags for your niche. You can enter up to fifteen tags, so do some keyword research to find some good long tail keywords. Go to http://www.technorati.com and get started.

2. Join My Blog Log and register your blog. My Blog Log is a very large community of bloggers who network with each other and buzz each others' blogs. Again, a strong profile with a picture is important. My Blog Log is an important resource to significantly increase your MLM blog traffic. This is because you can join communities, go to other blogs and post comments and leave individual comments for members. You can install a simple widget on your blog to show all of the My Blog Log members who have visited your blog. You can also view some important statistics for your blog by going into your back office. Go to http://www.mybloglog.com and set up your account.

3. Make your first linkbait piece. Linkbait is a post that will create a large buzz either because it has a significant resource list or is controversial in some respect. Check out Jack Humphrey's Friday Traffic Report for some excellent information and resources on linkbait.

4. Start the buzz. Make sure you have permalinks turned on. Then start making comments and trackbacks to other relevant blogs in your niche. When you leave the url for your linkbait piece permalink in your comments and trackback posts, other bloggers will come and check out your post and blog. This will increase your MLM blog traffic because you are creating links for other bloggers without asking them first. Do it well and respectfully and other bloggers will reciprocate.

5. Sign up for the major Web 2.0 news sites and Onlywire. These include but are not limited to: Digg, Propeller, Plime, and Newsvine. Onlywire is a free service that pings sixteen social bookmarking sites

6. Submit your linkbait piece to these sites. If you want to make this process as short as possible, you can use Web2Submitter, which pretty much automates the submissions.

7. Submit your piece to the vertical news sites relevant for your niche. For Internet marketing, the top two sites are PlugIM and Marktd.

8. Submit your post to Onlywire.

9. Go back and comment on other bloggers' posts in the communities, such as Digg, Propeller, Plime and My Blog Log. They will notice that you commented and voted on their posts and reciprocate. You will build your MLM blog traffic and network by consistently doing this simple activity
10. Join a buzz group or start one and tell your group about your linkbait piece. Ask them to buzz your piece.

Increasing your MLM blog traffic and consistently writing authoritative articles will establish you as an expert in your niche. You will attract many subscribers and then be well on your way toward building a large and profitable MLM business.
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