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Ten Ways to Use One Video for Your Business

Nov 29, 2007
No medium is so versatile and interchangeable as video. With a single one time investment into the video production, you can have many different uses and delivery methods. See how a one time video investment pays for itself over and over again, with just these ten ways.

1. TV Commercials. Statistics show that 93% of all people in an area still watch some sort of network programming. Plus with accurate demographic statistics, many businesses owe their huge successes to running effective tv spots.

2. Web Video. Putting the same commercial spot or promotional video on your site is becoming quite popular, as it's easier for visitors to watch a video compared to sifting through mounds of tiny text. Also if your business is primarily selling a large catalog of products, having video demonstrations of each product is an effective way to increase sales, versus static photos.

3. Promotional DVD. These are great to offer your prospective customers to help them learn about your products or services, and will prove to them why they need to choose you over your competitors. Video is the one medium that allows you to prove how you or your products are better than the competition, so be sure to demonstrate as much as possible.

4. Business Card CDROMs. These are discs that are the size of business cards and usually have your actual business card printed on the front side of it. So every time you pass out a business card to your contacts, they are presented with the opportunity to watch your promotional video, instead of just reading your motto on your business card.

5. Kiosks. Depending on the type of business you have, an interactive kiosk will give your current or prospective customers the opportunity to access only the information they need.

6. Virtual Salesmen. When selling products in a retail environment, a video will capture the shopper's attention and inform them about the benefits of products that normally may be difficult to understand by just looking at the box.

7. Trade Show Videos. Similar to the kiosk, a video display at trade shows will be more intriguing than a traditional banner display, and make your booth less intimidating than having salesmen waiting to pounce on them.

8. Product Catalog. If you have a customer by one of your products, then they should receive a DVD catalog of all your OTHER products for cross selling demonstrations.

9. Direct Mail. When sending out brochures, pamphlets, or folders of company information, be sure to include a DVD or business card DVD as well. Again, people will always do what is easiest and watching a video beats reading through pages and pages of information.

10. Podcasts / PDAs. Compress your video down to a podcast or pda format, and distribute online. Due to the novelty of portable video, it gives some content to people eager to watch anything while they're bored. You never know, it might actually convert into a sale or prospective customer.
About the Author
Paul Lyke is the managing director at MidSouth Visual, Inc., a Nashville video production company.
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