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Enhancing Business With Effective Promotions And Schemes

Nov 29, 2007
For most people, offering promotional schemes towards customers and retailers is something to answer the ever increasing problem of inventory expenses. Usually, all goods are only valid for a couple of months or years, largely depending on the packaging that they come in. Pet bottles, tetra packs, aluminum cans and so on, are composed largely depending on the suitable means of packaging that complements the entire design and product content. In most cases, the quality of the packaging of most goods plays a variable role in determining its product life span.

For most products today, it is only normal to find hidden glitches in the overall production of certain goods. While most of the time these may be acts to ruin the reputation of successful products, it cannot be taken away that people will think about it. There is no clear control on the actual hazardous effects that packaging can do to consumers and even if it is proven, the dent in reputation has been done. Perhaps one problem that this has is the fact that these types of packaging have been immediately associated with such brands, and that changing them immediately may totally alter their sales and image towards consumers.

The success of most products lies in the proper identification of the contents and the company that produces them. Ideally, this will lie in the proper labeling that is made for the package. People do not really see the importance of a label, only caring about design rather than the process such as how label printers properly complement the packaging. Barcodes are also another important factor, and the barcode label printers are actually separate from the usual label printer as well, such as the one offered by zebra label printers. Barcodes are the reference points by most stores, especially now that they use scanners to identify the product and the cost assigned to them.

The problem with some employees however, they tend to bend the rules and only choose to be content closing perhaps one or two deals, leaving the rest behind for another day. Time is not significant to them, and as long as they are receiving their regular salaries and commissions, nothing else really matters.

Handling such people has become pathetic in nature. While these people show promise and could very well be potential managers someday, the bottom-line is their personal attitude towards the work they have. While in most cases, considering the economic crisis that most countries like the Philippines has at the moment, it is not surprising at why employees are trying to make do with whatever job they have right now. But management, which just so happens to be under my jurisdiction, will not tolerate such practices. Proper performance monitoring has been my battle cry at the moment, and no matter how I would want to be lenient with regards to their situation, such behaviors are simply unacceptable.

The overall performance of the company is the priority and this is something I would want to establish and direct the company towards to. Seeing a company flourish with the proper manpower complement, regardless of what industry is the dream of any manager or executive. Not only is it for the purpose of being compensated more, but it is really for self-fulfillment above everything else.
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