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Discover The Amazing Profit Pulling Power Of Marketing With Audio

Nov 29, 2007
Audio is a great tool for your lead generation and relationship building, and it also makes a relatively easy-to-produce info-product that you can use to generate revenue. If you have a service business, especially any service that is very personal or intimate, or if it's very important that your prospects trust you and really feel comfortable with you before they would consider becoming your client, then audio would be a great asset to your marketing mix.

Audio adds the human factor to your business and, as we all know, people do not do business with businesses, they do business with other people. By using audio, you become a "real person" instead of a total stranger and you start the rapport building process.

With audio, you can convert most prospects into customers. In general, audio is much more entertaining than, say, a brochure or a sales letter, so it allows you to elicit more of a response from your prospects. Because you're tapping into the listener's senses, your prospect becomes more engaged in your message. As you know, it's impossible to convert a prospect into a customer if he's not receiving your message, and audio delivers your message in a more intimate way. Studies show that people remember only 20% of what they read but they'll remember up to 70% of what they hear. If you want your prospects to act on your message, they'll need to remember it!

Audio also allows you to distinguish yourself from your competition. Because even though audio is easily available to even the smallest businesses, most companies are still not taking advantage of this unique marketing opportunity. So by adding audio into your own marketing mix you're really differentiating yourself from the others in your industry.

You can use your audio, whether it's a CD or a podcast or web-based, as a means of introducing yourself to your prospects, and explaining the products and services you offer. If you offer a product or service that is technical or somehow requires training for your customers, audio is a great way to provide this training, or this in-depth information. It's much more personal than a written instruction manual, and it can also be used in conjunction with a written manual.

According to educational psychologists, up to half of the population learns best by listening. Now consider this: according to those same educational psychologists, learning is increased exponentially with repetition. So when you're using audio to present any technical aspect, your prospects can listen to it over and over again, and this repetition aids in learning. And since you, in effect, are the one who taught them, you become the expert.

You can use audio to present your client testimonials. You can have a full CD of client testimonials, or you can include audio testimonials on your web site. Similar to testimonials are audio product reviews. We've been using audio testimonials for a few years now, but even more powerful than testimonials is the audio product review.

You can also use audio to present tips, or frequently asked questions, and it's a great branding tool. Plus, it's portable, so your prospects can take your marketing message with them. They can pop your CD into their car stereo or download your mp3 onto their ipod. Distribution is very easy.

By using audio as a marketing vehicle you can free up your time and reduce the number of hours you work. Audio allows you to automate your sales process, because you create your presentation one time and it gets delivered over and over again. You make multiple copies of your CD or upload an mp3 to your web site and the audio is distributed to tons of different customers. And each time, it's a very personal, rapport-building presentation.

Another way audio allows you to leverage your time is because it helps filter out your prospects. Through your CD or your mp3 not only are you presenting your marketing message, but you're also presenting yourself. Your prospect gets to know you on a more personal level and he can then decide if you and your services are a good fit for his needs. The prospects who respond to your audio message already feels a bond with you - you don't need to waste a lot of your time trying to personally convince your prospect. He's already made up his mind by listening to your audio. So you end up with more time to work with prospects who are, in a sense, pre-qualified.

In general, adding audio to your marketing mix helps:
* reinforce your brand
* create "top-of-mind" awareness of your products and services
* intensify your exposure with your prospects
* increase impulse purchases
* provide greater reach than display ads
* free up staff by presenting your sales and marketing messages an unlimited number of time

Ready to take advantage of this great marketing medium? Be sure to request a copy of my free Quick Start Guide To Using Audio In Your Marketing Mix.
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