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How To Start A Doggy Day Care

Nov 29, 2007
One of the fast growing legitimate home businesses is the pet care business. If you just love being around dogs and pets, do consider this kind of business venture, not only do you always get around dogs or pets but at the same time earn some money on the side. We all know that per owners do have needs for their beloved pets. In turn they treat their pets with utmost care and importance that they would be willing to pay money for these services to be provided for them. If they seek the best for themselves so will they look for the best things their pets can have.

Start a dog day care or pet-sitting, many people are very busy but would not want to leave their pets behind alone. A dog day care would be a good alternative for these people who would travel and would not be able to care for their pets. A day care also encourages interaction with other dogs which in turn has a good effect to the pets compared to leaving them alone in the house. Pet owners are now realizing the importance of these centers to their pet's growth.

As a pet lover you may be ale to provide these services while having fun and in turn cash in some money. People would pay for the following services which you might never think have a demand in the market. Poop-scoopers, people are willing to pay a good amount of money to walk their dogs and scoop up the poop they leave. Investments to equipment are very low. There is not much skill required, as long as you can handle to scoop up with the shovel, bag and as long as you can tolerate the bad smell for the money it would bring you, this venture is certainly a good start. You can even set up and grow until you can do the management while you pay people to do the work for you.

Dog walking is also a good start for a business; you can buy a multi-collar leash that would allow you to walk more dogs a t a certain time. This business is certainly for the person who has the patience and time to allocate in walking dogs. You can easily advertise in local pet grooming shops and pet stores, and soon you would have a stable flow of customers.
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