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Job Opportunities For The Filipina Lady

Nov 29, 2007
Traditionally, when Filipina ladies get married, they are destined to stay at home to take care of the children and the family but this practice is slowly being abandoned. Times have changed and more Filipina women are seeking work outside the home, primarily to augment the family income and to satisfy their personal achievement.

Gone was the practice of the olden times when girls were asked to stop studying as soon as they finish elementary school because "their husbands will take care of them when they marry". The Philippine government began stressing the importance of education especially and poured billions of pesos in educational projects, resulting to the production of well-educated Filipinos.

Armed with versatility and a well-founded educational background, the Filipina ladies can avail of a vast choice of job opportunities both in their country and abroad. If you marry a Filipina lady, do not expect her to stay at home and follow your wishes because she will want to work and earn her own income. Further, you will be surprised at her capabilities.

In reality many Filipina ladies have advanced degrees of education and the opportunities for their advancement are endless. If you envisioned a Filipina wife to be there for you when you get home from work, be there to fetch your slippers and ready with a hot meal waiting for you, eager to rub your back and wipe your sweat, or ply you with drinks as you sprawl on the sofa with the television on, you can think again! This is especially true if your wife happens to come from a well-educated and work-oriented background. Do not get this wrong, she will be willing to do this for you and serve you out of love but not because she is obliged to.

The modern Filipina is restless and would like to earn her own income, especially as she thinks she will have to save to send money to her family to the Philippines. Work should not be hard to find for a Filipina lady because she is flexible, hardworking, dedicated and quick to learn and adapt to new surroundings.

A Filipina is not choosy when it comes to finding work and with her educational background, she can easily fill in job vacancies in your country. She can teach, do research works, or join the medical workers team as a nurse, doctor or any other work in the medical field.

She can also be reliable in filling managerial and supervisory works, accounting, office or clerical work, but no matter how high her educational attainment is, she will not hesitate to fill in other jobs like being a saleslady, a waitress, baby sitter, caretaker in a home for the aged, or any job that would fit in with her skills and qualifications.

A Filipina woman's work orientation and her independent spirit would prevent her from solely relying on you for finances because she would hate to be a liability to you for life.
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