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Traffic Building Is The Road To Success

Nov 29, 2007
Knowledge of a wide range of traffic building techniques is what distinguishes an internet expert, or guru, from those of us who would love to be able to make our online business pay not just now and again, but sufficient to allow us to wave the boss goodbye without fear of having to crawl back, cap in hand for alms, a few months later.

If you do not know what I mean by alms then you are either too young or have a bad memory! Without traffic we are nothing because pretty websites with no visitors do not make money: they cost us it. Luckily, those of us in the 21st century, whether aged eighteen or eighty have the benefit of the experience of those that went before us. They sweated the sweat and discovered what we know now, and accept as normal. So thanks folks!

You must not confuse traffic building with list building. That is a confusion that many people new to online marketing have, yet a bit of thought should be enough to enable you to tell the difference. List building is the compilation of an email list of people interested in your product or niche. In order to build up that list, each member of which you can regularly contact with new information and new offers, you must have an opt-in form on your website. OK, there are other places to put the form, but generally it is on a page in your website.

Before they see the form, therefore, they have to visit your website. For that you need traffic, ergo before you can build a list you must first have the traffic. Your list is hence a result of your traffic, not synonymous with it. To phrase it more simply, you need traffic to build a list, so list building is not the same as traffic building.

Forget the list until you have visitors. For visitors you have to attract people to your website and there are many ways in which you can achieve that. One is through writing articles on your subject and submitting them to article directories. Everybody who reads it will be shown a resource box that displays your URL, plus a bit about you and your website (written by you). They can then click through to your website: in fact, your URL can lead them to any page on your site you want them to visit, though for maximum impact it should be a page that is relevant to the topic of the article. The most successful articles are those with a title exactly the same as the title of the web page readers are directed to.

You can also build traffic through advertising. Ezine advertising is popular, where you pay for banner or text adverts on ezines, though keep in mind that banner ads have lost their impact lately, though are not the complete turn-offs that many claim them to be. Probably the most effective adverts for traffic are those provided by others in their emails, but you have to be in the right crowd to get these. They are generally referred to as joint ventures, and can be extremely effective if you are able to secure them.

For joint ventures you have to have something to offer to another in order to get what is basically free advertising to your website. That could be a good deal on your product, or a reciprocal advertising agreement from a non-competitive site. If you sell a novel way to lose weight by eating fresh farm eggs, and somebody has a site offering fresh farm eggs, then you could agree on a joint venture: they promote your ebook and you promote their eggs. The same with guitar lessons and guitar strings, and so on. As long as you are not competing, but share potential customers, you can agree on a joint venture.

Traffic is critical to your business, and any way you can use to attract it can be critical to the degree of your success. Take portal websites. These are sites that consist of lots of websites, each covering one aspect of your niche, in the same way for which you would normally use several pages in one website. The thing is, it has been proved that home pages generally get listed higher than internal pages, so why not have a website consisting only of home pages?

A portal site provides the portal (gateway) to every other website in your network. Since each is a different website, their home pages are liable to be listed higher on Google than any internal pages would. Hence, you get more exposure on the search engines. You could pay for PPC adverts and get fewer clicks, but with portal sites, you spend your money on more websites that give you exactly the results that you need.

Portal websites is the answer to anybody who is finding traffic building difficult. They work, but the work can be long and tedious. Portal Feeder can make it easy and provide you with more traffic that you could have dreamt of.

The program is kept under wraps only for members. It is not shown to the usual gurus for them to use to death for two or three months then provide a testimonial. It is available only to members and nobody else, and opens its doors only about once every year to replace drop-outs from its membership.

This time is now due, so register below to get advance priority warning of when it will next be available. You can not but your way in or wheedle: everybody has an equal chance, but if you register for advance warning, then you will have a better chance than most of enjoying and profiting from the benefits it provides to you.
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