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An Effective SEO Strategy to Rank High For a Keyword of Your Choice

Nov 29, 2007
Here, I will give you a brief overview of one of my search engine optimization strategies that I have been using on two of my websites with excellent results. It involves creating a particular page on your website that is highly optimized for one individual keyword, and then using an external linking strategy that will help your page to rank high in the search engines for this keyword.

First, use the Google Adwords keyword tool or a tool that I like called Keyword Country, and create a list of 3-5 keywords that you would like to target. You can certainly pick more, but it is important not to be overwhelmed right from the start so I suggest starting small with only a handful of keywords.

Note that you do not want the keywords to be too general, as there will be way too much competition. For example, if the topic of your website was on stock investing, then you would have a much easier time getting a higher ranking for "trading small cap stocks" than for the term "stock market."

What you will want to do is create a page on your website with an article or some other content that is centered around this keyword (for our example you would want to write an article about picking and trading small cap stocks), and make sure that you put your exact keyword within the body of your article at least a few times. I could talk more about keyword density, but quite frankly I think it is much more important to put your energy and creating a quality visitor experience, so all I will say is that you should have this exact keyword within the text of your article at least four times.

How to Optimize Your Webpage's Design for Your Particular Keyword

By this point you should have chosen a particular keyword that you want to target, as well as created an article based on the topic of this keyword. When it comes to the internal structure of this page, there are four main things that you will want to focus on, being sure to use your keyword:

1. The Title
2. 'Description' and 'keywords' meta tags
3. Headings
4. Other pages on your site linking to this one with the keyword as the anchor text

(By the way, I am assuming that you have at least a rudimentary knowledge of HTML. You do not need to be able to code in your sleep, but it would really help if you know the basics)
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An Effective SEO Strategy

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