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Cashing in on Google's Hot Trends

Nov 29, 2007
Today I'm going to talk about using Google's Hottest Trends to your advantage to make quick money from your online business or blog. If you go to Google's Hot Trends page (www.google.com/trends/hottrends), you'll see 100 keywords listed in order of the most popular to least popular. This page shows you what people are actually searching for, and it is updated hourly. This can tell you what people are interested in, particularly now during the Christmas season when people do a lot of online shopping.

To find a list of keywords from the Hot Trends page that you can monetize, you need to look for the products or information that people are searching for. When choosing a product from the list of hot keywords, choose a product that isn't associated with a particular state or region. Also make sure that the keyword hasn't soared to the top of the list because of negative press regarding the product, such as deaths or accidents, poisoning, etc.

When you click on one of the keywords, you get a meter that shows you how hot the keyword is (rated mild, medium and hot), and you get how long ago the keyword peaked. When choosing keywords for monetizing, choose the hottest ones and keywords that have peaked or are still peaking within the last 5 hours or so. Much longer than that, and they will be on the decline.

Now that you've chosen several hot products, search through Google for an associated affiliate program that you can join to sell the products. Look for the ones paying the highest commissions, get your links, and post them in your blog or website, Squidoo lense, Hub Pages, US FreeAds or any other methods you use to sell your products.

You can also check these hot products in Google to see how many Adwords advertisers are promoting them. If it is saturated, it won't be cost effective to run an Adwords campaign, but if it is a relatively new keyword or product and there aren't many competitors, run an Adwords campaign and clean up. Using Google's Hot Trends, it is much easier to find niches that are not yet saturated since the trends you are using are new and fresh and the niche is relatively unsaturated at this point.

I'll show you an example of a hot niche that has no current marketers advertising using Adwords. On today's list of the top 100 most searched for terms, I found "roadkill toys" in the #14 spot. No one could possibly guess that roadkill toys would be a popular search term, but there it is, very near the top of the list. When I clicked on the link, I discovered that a new UK company has developed a line of stuffed toys that mimic roadkill. They even give you guts and blood, stuffed with the same material. Kind of a macabre toy for Christmas, but apparently a lot of people are curious about them. If you do a search for roadkill toys in Google, you will see that there is NO competition for Adwords.

When doing an Adwords campaign on hot keywords, don't forget that there is a foreign market (if you're from the US). Use UK Google Hot Trends or any other country to find the hot trends for that country and you get the top 100 keywords being searched for in that country. In some cases, they will be very similar to the US but many will be different. When you find a hot keyword product that has an affiliate program associated with it, and meets the other criteria, check to see if there are a lot of Adwords ads running in Google (for that country) for that search term. If it isn't saturated, run Adwords campaigns for them targeting that market. Often, a market that is saturated in the US will not be saturated in other countries.

You can find offers that are exclusive to the UK and other countries in many of your PPA/PPC networks, such as Azoogleads, Max Bounty, Shareasale, Affiliate Futures, Commission Junction and many more. Being a UK company, the Road Kill Toys should be a big hit in the UK. If you check Google for Roadkill toys, you will see a "Coming Soon" Roadkill Toys website at roadkilltoys.com that is currently under construction. Most likely, the UK company is building a website to distribute their unique toys and once that has been launched, there is a high probability of an international affiliate program associated with them.

Another way to use Google Hot Trends to get free traffic to your site is to use the hot trends keywords that are informational rather than a product. These are usually breaking news stories, hot celebrity gossip, scandals, politics, etc. Use these hot topics to post in your blog or write articles for your website and you will be creating great link bait. These are articles that are so interesting that other people want to link to them and they spread virally, resulting in a lot of free traffic. Then submit your post or article to all the social networking sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Netscape, Reddit, etc. and if you're story is hot enough, even more people will bookmark it and make it more popular. Make sure that your blog or website has your affiliate banners and ads for the Christmas season, ready for the visitors that will be coming.

You can also use your "hot topic" articles stories to attract visitors to your Google Adsense sites if you use Adsense to monetize your site. Blogger and Wordpress blogs, Squidoo lenses and Hub Pages are great for free, fast and easy methods to launch your articles and get them listed in Google quickly.

The key with using these methods is getting the stories written, bookmarked, and indexed quickly, since trends rise and fall quickly. Wait too long and your story will be old news.
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