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The Perfect Communication and Marketing Solution for the iPod Generation

Nov 29, 2007
Teleseminars are the perfect communication and marketing solution for the iPod generation. A teleseminar can be likened to a teleconference. A teleconference has more formal connotations and is really a meeting conducted over the phone. It is something that companies have been using for ages but, with advances in technology, teleseminars are being used in ever more creative ways by individuals and companies to list build and dramatically increase revenue. Part of the massive appeal of a teleseminar is that while it is possible to listen to event live, it can also be recorded and made available as a podcast that can be downloaded to an iPod and listened to at the convenience of the listener.

Podcasts can be ready in mere minutes after the completion of the live teleseminar. It is a question of how much editing you want to do. The fortunate thing is that Internet audiences tend to be more forgiving regarding teleseminars. They are hungry for great content and, so long as this is what they are receiving, they are not bothered if the recording is not studio quality.

You can use teleseminars no matter what business you are in. Just think of them as a means of delivering an audio message to your staff or clients and then think about what you wish to tell them.

Some examples of the use of teleseminars are to:

1. Launch products,
2. Sell products,
3. Publicise events,
4. Promote books,
5. Train staff, and
6. Train affiliates.

Plus you have the benefit of being able to deliver your message to a global audience. I recently read an advertisement for a series of free events hosted by Trump University. The locations included Washington DC, San Francisco and Los Angeles. However, the content could have been used by an audience worldwide if Trump University had delivered the content as a teleseminar. Having said this, in some cases, it is possible to record the event and make it available as a podcast so that more individuals can tap into the information. Naturally, this does depend upon the format of the presentation.

Recording the audio part of your presentation is relatively easy especially compared to videoing your presentation. You simply need to connect your microphone to a recorder. Hence, if you are just starting out and or are speaking to a small group of individuals, this is an excellent way to get more mileage out of your presentation.

Passive income comes from doing something once and then reaping the rewards over and over again. Teleseminars are a great fit to this model. You deliver it once, record it, publish and promote it and it starts working for you. If the content is good enough you will find that word of your teleseminar will start to spread virally. In one teleseminar that Bob Proctor did, he generated over $83,000. Individuals can still access this teleseminar and what do you want to bet that this teleseminar is still generating revenue?

Jay Abraham and Alex Mandossian are examples of Internet marketers who sometimes host long teleseminars. It is a challenge to maintain focused concentration for hours on end irrespective of how riveting the material is. Plus some people cannot afford to put their life on hold or take the time off work to listen to a live teleseminar that is hours long. However, if the material saved as a podcast that subscribers can download to their iPod they can listen to your material in bite-sized chunks.

And this is other advantage of creating podcasts. You can create a single podcast for the entire presentation or you can divide the teleseminar into segments. This can make it easier to download and easier to listen to especially if a presentation is over an hour. The teleseminar can be simply divided at logical or natural breaks in the presentation so that when played sequentially it flows seamlessly. Alternatively, the podcasts can be branded separately and you can do a recap of the material in the former podcast so that each mini-podcast is a stand-alone product. This can then be used as a teaser especially if you want to sell the teleseminar rather than offer it as a free download.

Many presenters have products consisting of numerous CDs but, like cassettes, CDs, particularly in the education arena, are on the way out. Who wants to be burdened with countless chunky CDs and all that excess packaging when the material can be made available as MP3 and MP4s which can be downloaded onto a device that can fit into the palm of your hand or fit snugly into your pocket.

Nightingale Conant, the world's leading producer of personal development audio programs now gives its customers the option of purchasing a CD version or an MP3 version. With the MP3s customers can download them to their iPod and be listening to life-enhancing material in minutes rather than waiting days for the program they ordered to arrive.

Creating podcasts for your audio has another advantage for your overseas customers - they don't have to pay import taxes and so it saves them money.

In December 2006, over $3.6 million dollars worth of iPods were sold on eBay alone. The 2007 figures are sure to exceed this. Now granted, that most users still use their iPods to listen to music, but the fact remains that millions of people now possess iPods so it makes sense to create information that uses this technology.
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