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The High Speed Saviour Of Rural Internet Reigns

Nov 29, 2007
If you live out in the country and you hate being stuck with plain old dial-up internet service, but cannot get DSL or cable service in your area because it is so far from town, the best solution available to you at the moment is satellite internet service.

This is classified as a type of broadband service and is kin to DSL and cable internet service, but the difference is that is requires no ground wiring to work. The satellite dish is mounted on the side or roof of the house and allows you to receive your internet almost the same way you would receive a satellite TV signal.

There are a few bad things about the old dial-up system that used to be the only way you could get online. The first is the fact that it used your phone line to connect to the internet. Not only is this inefficient, but you can neither place nor receive calls while the internet is connected.

If you try to dial a number with your phone while it is connected, it will typically disconnect itself because the signal was interrupted. Most people who have had dial-up have been in the middle of downloading something, whether it is a business-related file or a piece of music, and a relative in another part of the house disconnecting you by trying to use the phone.

No matter how many hours you had been downloading that single file, it was all lost the second your family member tried to make a phone call. After that, all you could do was start over from the beginning and hope no one else tried to dial a number.

For those of us who have a broadband internet service, those days are long gone. DSL uses the phone line, but separates the signals so that the phone and internet do not interfere with each other anymore.

Cable internet service is a whole other thing and you can typically subscribe to it through your cable TV provider. DSL is alright and cable internet is faster, but if you live too far outside of town to get either one, satellite internet service is the answer.

It might be a little expensive to install unless you decide to opt for the payment plan by paying a higher monthly fee for a while, but if you require internet service for your business or just for leisure, this is the way for you to go.

DSL service will eventually be run through all phone lines, but this is quite some time away, depending on how far from populated areas you live.
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