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The Power of Positive Psychology

Nov 30, 2007
Allow yourself enjoyment, engagement and meaning with the power of positive psychology. Any small business endeavor requires a lot of work, countless hours, lack of sleep, and a myriad of other sacrifices too numerous to name. Yet, because you are dedicated to making sure your business grows and starts to show a profit, you do all with little complaint. However, you have probably been so busy working on your business, you have forgotten to live life to the fullest.

According to Webster's New Millennium Dictionary of English, positive psychology is "the scientific study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive and find happiness". Have you made an effort in the last months, or maybe years, to thrive and find happiness?

Life is much too short. No matter how much you enjoy your business and working toward your professional success, there comes a time where you need to have a life outside of work. Take the time to allow yourself enjoyment, engagement, and meaning.

So, outside of your business, what do you enjoy? Do you like to read good books, go to the movies, play catch in the park, or have a leisurely dinner at a nice restaurant? How long has it been, since you have allowed yourself even the simplest pleasures that have nothing to do with nurturing your business?

If you want to continue onward toward your goal of professional success, you must take time to enjoy life, or you will eventually burn out or suffer health problems. Then, you would be forced to take time off, and that would not be fun at all!

Next, are you engaged with life around you, or does it pass you by? Are you so focused on business, that you have no clue as to what is going on outside the four walls of your office or store? Engagement in life is necessary to remain well-rounded and sane.

You need to participate in community activities. Actually, if you need an excuse, participation is really good for business. Your customers get to see you as a real person, outside of the work atmosphere. Thus, they can identify with you, and be proud that someone they know is willing to give back to the community, that has given so much in return.

Simply put, do not make your business your world. Do not let your work totally identify who you are as an individual. Learn how to stay connected with life.

Finally, every life needs meaning. To be blunt, if you were to die tomorrow, do you want people to remember you as the person who owned a certain business? Would you be satisfied to be eulogized as a hardworking businessperson? Or, would you rather have your life mean more to the people who would be attending the ceremony of your very existence?

Being a successful entrepreneur is a great accomplishment, but you deserve more out of life than constantly working for the next payday. You need to live life, enjoy life, participate in the world around you, and find true meaning for your sojourn on this planet. You will lead a more fulfilling life, be a better business owner, and stay healthier if you will remember to add a little balance and pleasure to your life.
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