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Home Based Business - The Right Option For Every Chess Player!

Nov 30, 2007
I decided to write this article with an idea that I discover long time ago but I was not enough mature to feel its huge potential. Yes, it's just a question of time that people will study to use the power of the online business opportunities.

Why do I think that it's the right option especially for chess players?!

As a chess player (women international master) since my childhood I had a chance to travel a lot, playing many tournaments all over the world, to see some common features in the chess players.....in few words I was living a life as most of the chess players.

Life that is full of opportunities to travel , to meet people from different nationalities ,to study new cultures and languages, to have freedom .All these possibilities and of course the love of the chess game are great motivation for the players of all ages to improve their chess level.

Unfortunately, in difference of tennis or football, chess is not a game that brings you so good income even if you have the Grandmaster title...

That's why most of the chess players are not relaying only on making profit playing from tournament to tournament, hoping to win some prize competing in the huge concurrence. They are looking also for other creative ways to make living. Some give lessons, write books, others are trying to play other games that bring more profit like poker or backgammon.

This practical guys hope is to earn some more money to hold on so then they can compete more relaxed in the tournaments and not to be depended on the result.

Most of the people's decisions are based on their life experience, their way of understanding the world and wish to live the life of their dreams. I can tell you totally convinced that there is nothing worse for a chess player as preventing him to enjoy playing his favourite chess game!

In general big part of the players simply cannot stand to lose their freedom and to be forced to enter in the routine of the daily life as most of the people that every morning have to wake up to go to work and suffer the moods of their boss just because they need a salary....

That's why the idea to build a home based business should be considered very seriously from every chess player that want to have a stable income and possibilities to continue his participation in the tournaments without a need of permission from his boss!

Having in mind your reasons to start own home business you should know that when you work from home, any business you start has the potential to explode in a gold mine! It just depends on how much your home business is in demand around your community or on the Internet.

In the end, the success is entirely and completely reliant upon you and the decisions that you make. And the chess players are used to make decisions with every move of every game!

They always rely upon them own self and their dedication to success. These qualities are so far very important to run your own home based business and I think that most of the chess players have the needed natural talent!
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Copyright 2007 Tatyana Plachkinova is international women chess master and active network marketer. Research of all internet home business ideas and opportunities that can help you start a new successful Internet home business or grow the one you already have. For further information http://www.homesuccessjob.com
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