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Movie Downloads Unlimited - An Ideal Whose Time Has Come!

Nov 30, 2007
Technology has finally arrived that allows you to download videos or download movies so you can watch on your PC or even take it with you on a compatible portable player. You can also find out new and fascinating videos by watching previews. You will discover a player at the crown of the Unbox store which shows previews of their most well-liked videos. If you'd like to view a preview of a particular movie or favorite TV show, you'll also find a preview player located at the top of the feature page for that video or TV episode.

The Amazon Unbox video downloads has thousands (over 14,000) of DVD-quality TV shows, movies, and more for you to download by purchase or renting. Imagine now being able to do a movie download or download video your favorite TV program. You can glance through by TV channel, movie studio, category, or genre.

Amazon Unbox, the online giant retailer's video download store, just might become Apple iTunes Store's leading competitor. The Amazon name (which is synonymous with shopping) which uses their site layout that everyone is familiar now offers an excellent assortment of movies and television shows for rental or purchase.

Amazon has learned from the early mistakes such as the big no no of going online without the user permission and the more than irritating uninstalling issues. The big selling point is they offer a expedient way to rent or buy a movie online. Unfortunately, their system doesn't let you burn the usual DVD from your movie purchase to watch on your big screen set. Have no fear, the work around is either your Media Center or TiVo. There are other solutions using your portable video player.
Why do we like Amazon? Amazon Unbox's nice-looking user-friendly browser interface makes shopping for video downloads as easy as shopping for anything else on the Amazon site.

Unbox video titles are separated by rentals or purchases. There is a subscription plan where you can buy your TV videos. Subscribing the plan gives you instant access to the previous episodes with the opportunity to download TV episodes as they become available. Only money keeps you from doing movie downloads unlimited. The going rate normally is $1.99 for a TV show. The movie cost for purchasing is between $9.99 and $14.99. The movie rentals are $3.99 which is not bad for a 30 day period.

Amazon Unbox Video program is a positive step in the right direction of bringing home the entertainment by allowing their customers to do video downloads at home. With the cost of gas now days, movie downloads are a real bargain. Don't even think about doing this if you are on a dial-up. This is for broadband users with cable modems, DSL, and satellite downloads. For you MAC users, sorry, Amazon have left you out.
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